Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hullo ma wee blog,

We live in strange days: natural disasters: economic chaos: political upheaval: terrorism: Scotland warmer than Mexico in the last week of September. Things that can’t be forecast or satisfactorily explained; complicated, unfathomable, such things are mysteries of life, the universe and everything. Living in times like this you become accepting, used to them, somehow inoculated against their effects to continue with your own world-weary view until eventually something truly earthshattering arrives.

Like this morning.
It's early, we're still in bed. On the bedside unit my wife's mobile phone beeps a signal that a text message has arrived. Groggily, she reaches out and picks up the phone squinting at it through sleep drenched eyes. Who could be texting at this time on a Saturday morning?

“Thanks so much for the birthday present. I'll buy something nice with it. We're going to have a birthday meal for the family after the holiday, so hopefully we'll see you there. Thanks again.”

Now you might be thinking that this isn't really an earth shattering experience, but you'd be wrong. This is a thank you text from a teenager. Before lunchtime on a Saturday morning. It's not in text speak and therefore I can clearly understand it. And it's from an 18 year old boy!

There are things in the world which are mysteries and there are things in the world which just should not be. These confuse and confound me, warp my understanding, skew perception and shake my grasp on reality. I've spent 52 years coming to terms with the world, fixing it to a structure so I can see more clearly, so it can fit my expectations and let me announce my occasional weighty, profound and illuminating critiques.

Happenings like this morning make me feel like I know absolutely nothing.

This has got to be against the laws of nature!

Blooming teenagers!

See you later.

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coastkid said...

Maybe it was typed properly because it was sent to some oldies?, and the time dictates the teenager has been up all night partying? -:)

See you for a pint soon -:)

dbs said...

I wish. *sighs*

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

The teenager is becoming an adult.
Well done. You've survived.
Confirmation will be forthcoming when they start to wash.

Kat_RN said...

I hear you. What is the world coming too? Smile, isn't it nice?

Rebecca S. said...

Earthshattering indeed! Thinking of my own son who is 18, it is easy for him to send an email to thank one of his grandmothers, but try to get him to write an acual snail mail thank you note to the other one who has no computer? Hard work! So you see, there is still hope for your hard earned theories :)

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