At The End Of The Day.

It had been a hot and sweaty day in the garden working away at clearing the drive of it's neglected weeds. Now as dusk was falling it was clear that night time was going to be the same. The temperature had barely fallen and the humidity seemed to be rising. I decided some night time photography would be a good idea and clearly being by the water would be the best option. Heck - I might even dip a toe.

A short drive later I closed the car door and walked the few yards to one of my favourite spots: The bridge at Belhaven. The air was still; the tide was on the way in and the fading light was spectacular in that way you only seem to see by the water lip. Dark shadows flitted by as the last birds or the first bats passed overhead.

A few moments set up the tripod and fixed the wide angle lens and I began to shoot. Light was almost gone so exposure times were much longer than normal to pull what was left of the light out of the sky.

I had an enjoyable time clicking away while the light slowly faded. I understand now why photographers call this ' The Golden Hour'

I hope you enjoy them.

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coastkid said…
Fantastic post Al, lovely pics and words...

thanks for sharing

Sunset is such a beautiful fleeting time within the 24 hour day. We happened to be driving into a vivid sunset sky on our way home last evening--but no camera with us.
I especially enjoy when you have a few moments to compose an 'essay'--no matter how short.
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari Om
My word Alistair, these are simply superb; I particularly love the top one and the last one - but only by a margin in preference!!

But hot and humid? IN SCOTLAND???
Maybe it's getting ready for YAM's return.&*> xxx
dbs said…
I always love how carefully you look at the world.
Thanks folks. These were taken last week when our heat wave was at its height. {Things have calmed down somewhat since then unfortunately Yamini}

Facebook pals will have seen these and some others over there but I wanted to post them here too and it was nice to remember the night. The light was magical and all that's sometimes wrong with the world faded away somehow.

If you're on FB and wan to come over drop me a request....

Thanks again for your lovely comments.

I'll be back soon hopefully. I've started a few posts but always seemed to lack time recently.

Cheers all!
Eolist Petite said…
Absolutely Amazing... such a place to have in your life. :)
Lovely pictures Alistair...hope the midges weren't too fierce.
EP - Thanks. I do love it.
TSB - thanks too. Midges aren't a problem in these here parts.....
Rebecca S. said…
Golden hour indeed. The Vangelis music is a perfect accompaniment.

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