Monday, 5 August 2013

When friends come to stay.

Edinburgh Tattoo 2013

Blogger Pal Indigo Roth is here with us again just now. He was here for a week in January and didn't seem put off by the weather so decided to come and have a look in some better temperatures. While it's nowhere near as warm as recent weeks and the wind has been more to the fore, we've had a few nice days.



It's nice to see familiar places through the eyes of someone seeing them for the first time. When we do have visitors we have a few places we always like to take them to see. At this time of the year it's Edinburgh in festival mode - we're leaving shortly to spend the rest of the day there - and this week we were lucky to get tickets for the preview night of The Edinburgh Tattoo. Our friend appeared to have a ball. At this rate he might be going home wearing a kilt!


Although I've had to work a couple of days I've also been able to spend time out and about with our friend. Luckily like me he enjoys photography and again, it's nice to see familiar places interpreted by someone else in their photos. Somehow it gives you a wider perspective when you realise they often see things you don't in your well known places.


It will be interesting to see how he views the crowds and places in Edinburgh today. I can hardly wait.

The photos here are some taken over the last few days. Some of Indigo's can be seen here.

Shed made from boat, Lindisfarne.
Lindisfarne Castle
Fireworks Finale Tattoo.
Tantallon Castle.

Take care folks. See you soon.

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh be still my beating heart... Tantallon is one of my most favourite castles!! Do you know, I don't believe I ever got to Lindisfarne? Tsk.

The piccie with the bangers is braw! Well done on those tickets.

Enjoy Auld Reekie and keep us posted &*> YAM xxx

DB Stewart said...

Can I come too?

Alistair said...

Thanks Yamini,

Indigo has now gone home - just as a couple of days of rain set in, big soft southerner that he is.

H enjoyed the festival day hoof about the town.

Tantallon is one of my favourite castles too.

dbs - of course.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Nice images, I only got to Lindisfarne once when I lived in the UK...lovely place.

Alistair said...


It's only half an hour down the road here so it's a standard when visitors come to stay. Nice though.

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