The Sunday Posts 2013/Two Shepherds

Donald ran and roared and brandished
his stick and swore
in all the languages
he knew, which were some.

Pollochan sauntered. stood
six feet three silent: with a small
turn of the hand
He'd send a collie flowing
round the half-mile-long arc
of a towsy circle.

Two poets
and the sheep in a pen.

Norman MacCaig.
Photo by Alistair.


Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
Well done Pollochan, I say, all six feet three silence of the man...

Now then, YAM's self-imposed guessing game says that is one of the stones in the Ring of Brodgar - or possibly Pollochan himself!

Hope it's shaping up well, this week. YAM xx
dbs said…
Beautiful juxtaposition.

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