The Sunday Posts 2013/ This is she

On order that must be obeyed
I sing of a dear little maid.
A mirthfully serious,
Sober, delirious,
Gently imperious

And first we'll consider her eyes
{Alike as to colour and size}
Her winkable, blinkable,
Merrily twinkable,
Simply unthinkable,

Then having a moment to spare,
We turn our attention to hair;
Her tendrilly-curlative,
Tumbly and wearlative,
Super superlative

Forbear to dismiss with a shrug,
Her nose, undeniably pug; -
Her strictly permissible,
Urgently kissable,

Now, moving a point to the South,
We come to an actual mouth,
Coral, pearlierous,
Mainly melliferous,

Observe, underneath it, a chin,
Connoting the dimple within,
A steady, reliable,
Hardly defiable,
True, undeniable,

By all that is fair it appears,
We'd almost forgotten her ears,
Those never neglectable,
Tinted, delectable,
Highly respectable,

And last let us speak of herself,
That blithe little gypsy and elf,
Her quite unignorable,
Absence deplorable,
Wholly adorable,

Arthur Guitarman.
Photo by Alistair.


dbs said…
You, my friend, are blessed.
Bovey Belle said…
So I think, is your wife. I cannot imagine my husband even reading a poem of any sort, let alone posting one in praise . . .
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
What a delightful poem and the photo, as always, is perfect!

Saying 'hi' from Edinburgh...finally. YAM xx
Hi BB, He's missing a trick if he doesn't read some poetry. It's a great medium I think.

Yes it is The Lovely G {of course} and while I didn't necessarily plan it as an homage to her I'll take any brownie points going. {Believe me - I need all I can get!}

Hi Yamini,
Hehe - Glad you like it - and WELCOME HOME!

Rebecca S. said…
Aww..sweet and whimsical.

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