Saturday, 21 May 2011

The last byte!

Hullo ma wee blog,

It's been very quiet this week in the house of 'Crivens Jings'. A quiet week tinged with sadness as I come to terms with the passing of a close friend. This friend - who's name isn't important - was a confidante in the wee small hours when things are sometimes at their worst. A friend, never judgmental, no matter what secrets were told, trusted with treasures and important things to hold for the future and who could always be relied upon to be entertaining when needed, serious when it mattered, able to be called upon when insomnia and worries kept sleep from me, always able to give me a view of the world that showed me that things are rarely as bad as you fear and that a smile can come from the most unlikely places.

Thankfully I was there at the end and in the end it was quick and probably painless. I tried resuscitation but it was not to be. So, gratefully, I'm left with photo's, songs we shared and letters we'd written. Things I can keep and remember an old friend.

 My lap-top is gone. Deceased. Popped its clogs. It is an ex lap-top. Gone to the virtual afterlife and the great workshop in the sky.

I hope it's at peace. I hope it's happy.

I hope the insurance covers it.

In the meantime access to the blog will be via the Lovely G's lap-top. There was no doubt she would step up at a time like this and offer her support. She only asked one question.

"Did it die or did you kill it?"

There's no answer to that really.

Bloomin cheek!

Listening to


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Hehehe - you wag Al. You had me fooled for a few lines there! Then I thought - it must be the cat...

Good musical choice, one of my personal favourites! Been trying to learn to play it on the ukulele, and we saw him play it live with the Heritage Orchestra a few weeks ago at the Glasgow SECC. I have a link to another Minchin fave on my blog front page, in case you hadn't noticed! Cheers, SNB

jono said...

Oh no. You have my condolences buddy. Sad news indeed.

Actually I was just glad to discover that it wasn't your other nocturnal companion. I can breathe again.

Alistair said...

Ha! - gotcha boys!

SNB - we saw him at his recent Edinburgh gig. A great live act. This is about the only song of his I could possibly put on the blog with his frequent use of strong language.

Jono - hey buddy. By coincidence Jess was at the vet the other day for her annual check-up {She's better looked after than I am} and got a glowing report. The repair shop told me the computer wouldn't be economical to repair and had probably been killed by a power surge or dropping it - which I hadn't done.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

hijaudaun said...

just passing by. Nice blog

Alistair said...

thanks hijaudan - drop by anytime.......

Nicky said...

Hehe! Sorry to hear about your loss Alistair! I too lost my laptop a couple of years ago. I was thankful that for some bizarre reason I'd decided to buy myself an external hard drive about 6 months previously! So my loss was only the cost of the computer!

Alistair said...

I have all my important stuff on a memory stick or two. I bought G an external hard drive for her Christmas {I got an odd look from her at the time but she loves it now}

Sell WoW Accounts said...

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