Sunday, 8 May 2011

Late night music.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Sitting doing social work reports prep into the wee small hours for a hefty set of childrens panels next week and listening to some music to help the information sink in.

I thought I might as well subject you to it as well. Headphones on. Volume high. Malt whisky to hand - check!

Time for bed.



The Gaelic Wife said...

Great selections. The piano was my favorite.

Alistair said...

Aye - nice isn't it. It's called 'comptine d'un autre ete apres midi' by Yann Tierson. It was used in one of my favourite chick-flicks - Amelie

Nicky said...

Oh great! Some fabulous classics, mixed in with some cool newer stuff. I loved the piano too!

Alistair said...

Glad you enjoyed them Nicky.

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