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It seems wrong and really petty to complain about being too busy to blog after having been unemployed for so long but that’s how it seems at the moment. I work, come home; spend a little time with G and sleep. There's not enough hours in the day. The adjustment to full time work from full time nothing has been a shock to the system - albeit a welcome one - that I've not yet coped with. A full working day, even with the limited travel compared to my last job means that I’m out just as daylight is building and return when it’s beginning to fail towards evening again, exhausted with the newness of it all and the amount of information I'm trying to take on board.  Maybe in a week or two when the days have stretched a bit and the light is better I’ll feel a bit better too; like I’ve not missed the whole day and the gloom is sending subliminal messages of sleep to my unused to work self. Hopefully too the lighter nights will encourage me to get out more and take more exercise, to relax and energise myself. We both are taking the opportunity to get out for walks on days off together and that's been great but I know I need to do more. Some good news though is that some weight has begun to come off me again with the walking and the activity of a working day. For the first time in many years I'm comfortably into a smaller size of trousers. What a confidence boost that was! To a large extent the insomnia which has plagued the last few years is also gone – permanently I hope – and I’m sleeping like the proverbial baby for the large part. At the moment though I’ve neglected the blog a bit, relying on a couple of pieces which I’d pre-scheduled to at least keep up with ‘The Sunday Posts’ slot. In fact I have the next few months already programmed in as far as the poems are concerned and have even forgotten some of those I’ve selected so I’m kind of looking forward to what transpires there too.

The new job is going well so far. I now work for a charity supporting people who suffer from autistic spectrum disorders, so I’m spending time learning about these conditions and the impact they have on their sufferers. I’ve been working with some great people and getting to grips with the role and its responsibilities. Unfortunately I’m also a bit conflicted as just as I started work a job appeared working for Children’s Hearings Scotland – a dream role which I just had to have a crack at – and I put in a quick last minute application which I’m waiting to see if I get any response on. That’s kind of taken the shine off the new job at the moment as I feel a bit torn between the two. Aw well, it will all work itself in time, and at the moment I’m earning again which is a great feeling.

Today I have a few hours to spare as I am working a two till ten shift, which is part of a regular rota, and early dayshift tomorrow and then I'll be off on Sunday which can't come soon enough. So, have a good day folks, enjoy the start of the weekend and maybe I'll find a moment or two on Saturday to catch up a bit more both here and with your blogs.


See you later.
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Jane said…
That must be a difficult transition to make Al, but I'm sure you're right about the lighter nights and mornings making a difference. Hopefully you'll soon feel a little better adjusted to your new routine - but hopefully will still be sleeping like the proverbial! (Love the choice of music; I'm having one of my sleepless nights and that's just the kind of thing I enjoy listening to as the sheep wander past...!)
Alistair said…
Aye - I saw the time of your last post as I signed in while having breakfast this morning. You have my sympathy - insomnia is a complete embuggerance.

I played in a brass band for twenty years from age 12 or 13 and we did an annual concert with the Paisley Male Voice choir back in the 80's. That was where I learned how incredible both an adult voice could be and what brilliant music there was out there for the voice.

This piece was always part of the finale and I love it for the great memories it brings back.
Nicky said…
Al, I don't see your comments as complaints at all. I think any change is difficult to deal with, even when it's a change for the better. We're all creatures of habit, after all! Even when bad habits are involved! So glad the job is working out well so far though. Hopefully it'll soon stop being "change", and become your new normal :)
Antares Cryptos said…
Blog wise; been there, doing that. Can't keep up with them.

I'm sure you'll get used to the new routine. Obviously more important, possibly less fun than keeping up with blogging.
Alistair said…
Nicky - considering how bad things are these days I've a cheek to complain at all but as we get {ahem} older change is harder and harder to make. {strange to admit considering that change and it's management was a huge part of my last job} I'm sure things will work out soon - and it was only a teensy wee gripe after all and done from a happy perspective istead of my usual curmudgeonly entrenched one!

AC - I know. As far as the blog is concerned there have been several times in its history when I've lost the creativity flow for a bit or other things have interrupted it temporarily. It always works itself out in the end.

I'll get there I know.

Thanks guys
dbs said…
I started a new job this year too. Feel for you bro. Remember though, you are doing very important work (with either job). My niece has Asperger's. She's quite high functioning; it's most noticeable in her inflection and volume as well as with her sensory processing issues. Studying dance has really been great for her. She's a terrific girl soon to be 18. Again I say, you are doing important work.
Alistair said…
Thanks dbs - it's early days in a very new direction but I can tell already that I won't regret it despite the low wages. I'm proud I managed to resist the temptation to go back, to follow the bucks and put up again with all the crap that comes with working for a huge company among all the desperately ambitious and egotistical types that exist there.

They can kiss my fat ***!
I've missed your thoughtful essays, but have considered that the blessing of being in work is not a bad price to pay for less blogging time. I hope that also dealing with type 2 diabetes is manageable along with the changes of routine and the job learning curve.
I thank you for a lovely new word-- "embuggerance"--not sure if I'll dare to bring it casually into conversation as no telling how many people of my acquanitence may 'get it.' I can at least share it with my daughter, who will be appreciative!
Alistair said…
Thanks MM. You're right it is a blessing - and financially a timely one too - and so far so good with the type 2. I'm following a healthy eating plan, something which we'd already put in place oddly enough but am now much more invested in it. Work isn't interfering too much with it so far.

re embuggerance - You can thank my old Dad for that one - one of his favourites. The Lovely G is always telling me I get more and more like him as I get older.

No bad thing either.......

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