The Sunday Posts 2012

Australian Tim Minchin delivering an animation of his beat poem 'Storm'; be warned - it does contain some strong language - but it deserves inclusion. I really like the vibe of the piece and am a bit of a fan of his shows.

 I hope you enjoy it.


jono said…
I have tickets to go see him in June in a tiny local theatre. I'm sooo excited! :)
Alistair said…
We have a couple of his DVD's which are great but were also lucky enough to see him in Edinburgh back in 2011 which was just fantastic. He's a great performer, You'll have a ball!
Rebecca S. said…
Enjoyable, no doubt. I even agree with some of what he said :) Thanks for sharing. I'll look up more of Mr. Minchin.
Alistair said…
Hope you like what you find Rebecca!
Jane said…
I'm a big fan of Tim Minchen too, and was also lucky enought to see him live with the big orchestra - was superb! Thanks for posting Storm - one of my favourites. :)
Alistair said…
Cracking concert wasn't it?

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