The Sunday Posts 2013/ Sure Proof

I can no more describe you
than I can put a thing for the first time
where it already is.

If I could make a ladder of light
or comb the hair of a dream girl with a real comb
or pour a table into a jug...

I'm not good at impossible things
And that is why I'm sure
I will love you for my ever.

Norman MacCaig. 1968
Photo by Alistair


Yamini MacLean said…
Hari Om
...and there he goes, clicking another 'flower' 8-) Knew a thing or two, did Norman.

Sorry hadn't got back to read your reply last week to see what all your "time-fill" has been about! Gracious. Hope you've got at least three days off now. That spring has sprung, too, so that you can find a daffodil or three to post here! YAM xox
Thanks Lassies.

Probably in my top 5 favourite poems ever by probably my favourite poet.

Still bloomin cauld Yamini - but a couple of daffies have poked their way through.

Off today {Sun} Tues and next Saturday......
Indigo Roth said…
Hey Alistair! A beautiful poem, wonderfully dedicated to your fabulous lassie. I salute you, sah! Roth

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