Monday, 26 July 2010

The Air Show

Yak-50 Aerostars do their stuff

Hullo ma wee blog,

Friday night my older brother and his wife came to stay over. As can often happen we ended up staying in the kitchen chatting across the whole evening, long after we had finished our meal of hot chicken and pear salad followed by strawberries and blackberries with cream. The two bottles of wine we had opened ran out and we moved comfortably on to coffee until Gordon realised that it was after midnight and he was struggling to stay awake after a hard week at work. So, we cleared away and headed off to bed.

That was close!

In the morning we had a late breakfast as planned and we got our gear together and set off to go to the Scottish Air Museum Airshow at East Fortune, about 20 minutes away from the house. It looked like the weather was going to deteriorate across the day, at least that was the forecast, the best of the weather being in the morning, which was a bit of a worry as the flying demonstrations were to take place across the afternoon. As you can see from the photo's the sky was quite dull but thankfully rain held off for the whole show and only started as we headed off for a bar meal before Gordon and Charlotte set out for home on the other side of the country once again.

Three question marks???

Unfortunately, yet again, I was suffering from the early effects of a head cold which got increasingly worse as the day went on, to such an extent that I was secretly relieved that we were not going to be entertaining again that night. Once we got home I headed off for a hot bath and bed. Sometimes only solitude will do

Douglas Skyraider

Catalina Flying Boat

Local talent

two ladies who believe that size does matter!

Hawker Hunter

And the Supermarine Spitfire.......

See you later.


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Great pics Al - I particularly love the Spitfire, as you might guess. Man of a certain age... Airfix kits... etc, etc. It's a great Museum - haven't been for a while. Your post puts me in the mood for a visit, which i can tie in with a trip to see Coastkid!

lom said...

fab pic's I built a spitfire too, well if I remember correctly I stuck most of it to my fingers

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Yes lom - I think I eventually worked out that that was the role of the modelling glue. Nice smell too...

Scottish Nature Boy said...

And my brother has posted some film of the day (plus a fab film by someone else of a Spitfire from the 2009 show) - worth a look, at:

Alistair said...

Apologies for lack of comments - currently down with the flu - again!

I also did the old airfix kit thing for a few years. For me getting the pilot in was the worst thing....glue on the fingers and all light headed from the fumes.

Do you remember the wee small glass jars of airfix paints?

Scottish Nature Boy said...

I think it was just tin tins of Humbrol paint that I used. Don't remember jars - maybe that 5 or 6 year age gap bewteen us means they were gone by the time I started Airfix model building! Sorry to hear you are poorly again. Get well soon Al. Cheers, SNB

Unknown said...

I am jeaulous, I love air shows! We had planned to attend the Charleston Air Show this year, but it was cancelled. Hope your head cold is much improved.

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