Saturday, 3 July 2010

E-clecticism.......please help

Hullo ma we blog,

My friend Jono over at e-clecticism has had a major problem and has lost his domain name and is being held to ransom if he wants to get it back. As a result he has moved his blog.

His blog had a significant number of readers and he is trying to reach as many as he can:

This from yesterday:

Further to yesterday's post where I told you about the fact that e-clecticism's domain has been lost, I have decided to try and put it down to experience and move on. But I need your help. You see I fear that as a result of this fiasco I will have lost a number of readers and so if you are still able to read this, can I please ask you to spread the word that we have moved to

You could re-blog this post, re-tweet it, email it to your friends, like it on Facebook, or use any other of your favourite social networking sites (there is a handy button below this post) to let as many people know as possible. All I ask is for five minutes of your time. Normal service will resume tomorrow I promise.


It must be devastating to build up a base over a long period of time just to lose it like this. If you can help by passing this on please do. I recently described his blog as a house of many pleasures - so why not drop by and check his blog out.

Thanks all - and good luck Jono.

see you later.


Rebecca S. said...

Ooohhh that's terrible. I will visit your friend's blog just to add my support. I couldn't find your 'Whiskers in the Grass' post either, and yesterday, my blog dropped a comment, so things are a bit haywire, aren't they!
Cheers, Rebecca

Alistair said...

Mea Culpa on that one Rebecca - it was just a header that I had thought of but hit publish rather than save, so it was an empty post which I immediately removed...

Sorry for any confusion.

Scottish Nature Boy said...

Glad to see jono seems to have solved his problem now.

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