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The Pitiful Cat ............

Hullo ma wee blog,

I'm lying on the bed. It's late afternoon and The Lovely G and one of her friends are downstairs in the lounge watching a movie on DVD. Lorraine is here staying over and will help us celebrate the 1st August, Switzerland's national day, tomorrow when some of the family come for a special Swiss meal. Lorraine and The Lovely G went to Switzerland together for a short holiday late last year and since then she's been enthusing about all things Swiss to all and sundry, so we have naturally included her in the invite to this years family bash. I've left them to it as I still feel choked with this damned cold and am feeling, if not somewhat antisocial, that I don't want to be around people in case I pass on the dreaded lurgy. My flu has left me with a chesty wheeze which brings coughing fits when I lie down for any length of time.

I too have a DVD on up here and have been engrossed in the film 'Babel' starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchet wh…

Déjà Flu

The tree at the top of the hill
Hullo ma wee blog,

For the last few days, in fact since Saturday evening when the Lovely G and I got home from the meal with Gordon and Charlotte after the air show, I have been suffering from flu. I've been here before, of course. In fact I feel like I have been here much more often since I became unemployed than I ever did when I was working. I genuinely can't recall actually being so ill as to be off work - except for recuperation from a knee op {when in reality I worked from home} - anytime in the last three years.

I almost feel like a fraud. It's like my body has given permission to shut down because it doesn't have a job to maintain or anything more worthwhile to do. While I have been telling myself that looking for work is really important and that I am focused on just that my body has said 'Oh yeah? Well have some of this sunshine.'  In the normal course of events - well in my working past that is - I very rarely was ill …

The Air Show

Yak-50 Aerostars do their stuff
Hullo ma wee blog,

Friday night my older brother and his wife came to stay over. As can often happen we ended up staying in the kitchen chatting across the whole evening, long after we had finished our meal of hot chicken and pear salad followed by strawberries and blackberries with cream. The two bottles of wine we had opened ran out and we moved comfortably on to coffee until Gordon realised that it was after midnight and he was struggling to stay awake after a hard week at work. So, we cleared away and headed off to bed.

That was close!
In the morning we had a late breakfast as planned and we got our gear together and set off to go to the Scottish Air Museum Airshow at East Fortune, about 20 minutes away from the house. It looked like the weather was going to deteriorate across the day, at least that was the forecast, the best of the weather being in the morning, which was a bit of a worry as the flying demonstrations were to take place across the aft…

Some holiday snaps

The Cat Fountain, Stein Am Rhein.Hullo ma wee blog,

Phew! I'm a bit out of breath........

Stein Am Rhein and Schloss Hohenklingen
Well that's us back from a few days away visiting the Swiss relatives. What a fantastic few days it was too. The weather was scorching, the food was good and the company was excellent. You can't ask for more of a short break really, can you?

Side entrance to the house, Beringen. 
I'll blog a bit more about it later no doubt, but in the meantime here are a few snaps to be going on with.

Shop display, Stein Am Rhein.

Alinghi - the dancing dogSee you later.........

Listening to Supertramp, 'Even in the quietest moments'

Al and G go Gallivanting..............

Klosterli -  Little Cloister.
The house of G's aunt and uncle.

Hullo ma wee blog,

No entries for a few days as the Lovely G and I are off to a family gathering in Switzerland in celebration of an important family birthday, the return of a family member from a years student exchange in Washington DC and the visit of another far flung family member and her brood from New Zealand.

Blogging will resume shortly........

See you later.

Listening to the Lovely G search for her mislaid sunglasses.......

Aw Jings!

Arrested? Development?........

Hullo ma wee blog,

This {rather unusual for the blog} topic comes from my involvement in child welfare through Scotland's Children's Hearings - lay tribunals - which are able to issue legally binding measures for the treatment, care ,control, guidance or protection of children up to the age of 16 or in certain circumstances 18. These may be children who are offending or being offended against or who are simply in need of some help in facing life's problems in some way that can't be addressed on a voluntary basis, perhaps due to non-engagement by the parents. One of the most common reasons nowadays for a child being brought before a hearing though is because they are deemed to be suffering from a legally defined 'Lack of Parental Care'. These cases are often the most stressful and complicated a hearing has to deal with and can have the furthest reaching consequences.

Every community has them and we've probably all come up against them at one time or other. T…


Last night, just about half past ten, it didn't start raining men. Instead a series of pop ups began to appear on my screen and a shield icon which said 'Security Tool' appeared on my desktop and a further two on my task bar. I had been infected by a spyware virus which kept flashing messages which said my laptop had been infected by dozens of horrible and quite frightening viruses, trojans, data stealing applications and the like. A moment later and all the icons on my desktop disappeared and my screensaver - a great photo of the Lovely G - turned completely black.

As I have Norton anti-virus I wasn't best pleased and quickly ran a scan which identified the threat and quarantined it, notifying me that everything was now 'ticketty-boo' as we sometimes say in this neck of the woods. { well, ok - as I sometimes say - happy now?} I reapplied the background and was looking around to find out where all the pesky desktop icons had gone when my screen again flashed u…

A Castle for Her Birthday........

Tantallon Castle and the Bass Rock

Hullo ma wee blog,

The lovely G and I had three full days together as it was her birthday this weekend. Each day we went out somewhere she chose for the day and just enjoyed spending time together.

Today she wanted to go back to Tantallon Castle, a local attraction and one of our favourites, just a half hour drive along the coast. After an enjoyable but very windy visit we left Tantallon and the Bass to the birds and the wild wind and headed into North Berwick for a walk down the High Street and a spot of late lunch before driving home to get settled for the final of the World Cup this evening, which we watched with some nibbles and an appropriately good red wine.

Bass Rock Lighthouse is built on foundations of the old castle prison.

Birds wheel round the cliffs and turn the rock white with their numbers at this time of year.

Tha castle is on a promontory surrounded by sheer cliffs.

see you later.

E-clecticism.......please help

Hullo ma we blog,

My friend Jono over at e-clecticism has had a major problem and has lost his domain name and is being held to ransom if he wants to get it back. As a result he has moved his blog.

His blog had a significant number of readers and he is trying to reach as many as he can:

This from yesterday:

Further to yesterday's post where I told you about the fact that e-clecticism's domain has been lost, I have decided to try and put it down to experience and move on. But I need your help. You see I fear that as a result of this fiasco I will have lost a number of readers and so if you are still able to read this, can I please ask you to spread the word that we have moved to

You could re-blog this post, re-tweet it, email it to your friends, like it on Facebook, or use any other of your favourite social networking sites (there is a handy button below this …

Song of The Sea Wind

Hullo ma wee blog,

I step out of the sliding door and down to walk barefoot across the paved patio towards the grass and the apple trees. I'm carrying a large tub of bird seed and the start of my morning routine elicits excited chirps from unseen throats all around; on the house, from our neighbours roof and our garden shed, but most of all from the dense wall of uncut hedging at the far side of the back garden where I know there are several nests.

 As I stop at the low wooden bench that displays some potted plants to put down the tub and remove its stiff lid I'm buffeted by a warm and gossipy wind. It's brisk and breezy and full of energy as it moulds itself around me like the warm hug of an affectionate friend. It sings the song of the sea wind in my ear and it holds me for just a moment before rushing on with its tales of dancing white horses and the salt tang of seaweed and driftwood still fresh on its lips. It makes me pause and strain to hear the slap of distant wav…