Wednesday, 20 April 2011

And God Created Woman.

Hullo ma wee blog,

God walked the Garden of Eden with Adam.

Adam explained he was lonely and needed a companion and God thought about this for a moment and said,

"I can make you the perfect companion. I'll make you a woman! She will love you and look after all your physical and emotional needs. She will cook and clean for you and work at your side. She will never complain and will always laugh at your jokes. She'll always agree with your decisions and will never criticise you or argue against you. She will listen to your every word and will be there when you need her. She'll lie with you and keep you warm on cold nights, make love with you whenever and wherever you want and do your bidding without question. She will be beautiful and have perfect skin. She will have curves and be soft and supple to your touch. She will excite you and fulfill you in every possible way.

Adam replied 

"She sounds fantastic. Absolutely perfect. But how will you make her Lord?"

 and God said,

 "I will make her in your image and from your body. She will be of your flesh"

Adam walked on thoughtfully for a second and said,

"Lord, will you need much of my flesh to make such a perfect creature?"

 and the Lord replied,

"It will cost you but an arm and a leg."

Adam walked on a moment and turned,

"Um - What could I get for a rib?"

see you later.

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Nicky said...

Hehe, that's hilarious! Great photo to accompany it, and also thanks for the Aztec Camera reminder! I used to love that band when I was a young'un. I remember seeing them in concert and they were fabulous. Gone are the days when bands could actually sing. I hate all the heavily synthesized bands these days who can't actually sing to save their lives when they're outside a studio. (I'm turning into my grandfather......hehe!)

Alistair said...

Glad to have given you a laugh - and a reminder of pleasant times, Nicky.

Antares Cryptos said...

LOl. Good thing she wasn't outsourced.

Alistair said...

Hmmn.... I wonder who she would have been outsourced to?????

Thanks for that, it made me smile.


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