Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Sunday Post

Hullo ma wee blog,

Two Sheherds. {1964}

Donald ran and roared and brandished
his stick and swore
in all the languages
he knew, which were some.

Pollochan sauntered. stood
six feet three silent: with a small
turn of the hand
He'd send a collie flowing
round the half-mile-long arc
of a towsy circle.

Two poets
and the sheep in a pen.

Norman MacCaig.


Sandy's witterings said...

Michty me! it's not often with Mr MacCaig that I have to go and ask wikipedia for a bit of help - my greek mythology and general philosophical learning is a bit poor. The portrayal of Donald and Pollochan though in a few short lines is just brilliant.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Short, sweet, fabulous.

Scottish Nature Boy said...

What a briliant wee poem Al - not one I'd seen before! Thanks very much for that. I never thought I could look forward to reading the Sunday Post so much! Cheers, SNB

Alistair said...

Hullo folks - I'm pleased you're enjoying these like I am. Pollochan featured in several of his poems and will appear again.

I started putting post-its into a book of MacCaigs poetry to mark some poems I'd like to include in the 'Sunday Post' series and have ended up with a book full of post-its!

Looks like this may be a long running series!

I'd recommend anyone to go and find a book of his collections and buy it. Incredible stuff.

Big Swifty said...

I'm certainly enjoying MacCaig. thanks for sharing!

Alistair said...

glad you're enjoying him - being a fellow poet yirsel' 'n that like........

Nicky said...

Another brilliant one Alistair - short and sweet for sure, but highly enjoyable.

Alistair said...

Thanks Nicky - hard not to post a good one when there are so many to choose from. Amazing how so few words can convey such meaning or paint a huge picture. He is so intimate in his knowing of people and places. A fabulous talent. I've spent hours and hours reading his work {3rd book now} and he's got such a deft touch to go with such insight.

{he was well known as a grunmpy so and so too}

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