Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Crivens, jings and help ma boab, what a shocker!

Went out last night with the lovely G, just up to the headland to take a couple of sunset shots as it was a clear and bright evening and the view from up there when conditions are right is one of my all time favourites and makes me glad that I live in a place like this. We took the road out along the headland as I had spied a couple of places along the road where I would be able to take some nice photos.
We stopped and I duly did my stuff and we were back in the car just coming along the road to rejoin the main road when I spotted some lambs cavorting in the field at the side of us. And, a convenient little part of the stone field wall that was substantially lower than the rest. Aha! I thought, that will do me for some cover and I'll be able to get in nice and close without startling them , as my lens isn't the best for that kind of shot. So I duly coasted quietly to a stop, slid out of the drivers seat and made my way in my best BBC wildlife photographer approximation to the aforementioned low part of the dry stane dyke. I saw that there were a lot of nettles growing around, but they were all low and with careful positioning I could avoid them no problem. I looked down and placed my knee in the appropriate spot, knelt down and raised the camera carefully to position.
I waited a moment and then I saw a group of lambs approach clearly unworried or even better, unaware of my location. They were however still slightly out of the ideal position and as I looked through the eye piece I leaned forward to bring them into a better fit in the frame. There was a loud bang { I later found out that was just in me head} when my forehead came in contact with the electric fence that I hadn't spotted, I jolted to one side hitting the dyke with me shoulder and knocking the top two stones into the field just beside the lambs, causing them to bolt. I then jolted in the opposite direction and, losing my balance, tumbled neatly into the nettle patch becoming very closely aquainted with the stinging flora all around me.

By the time I got back to the car to G who had missed the entire episode as she was fiddling with the radio or something, I felt like I had my hair completely on end, my jaw twitching spasmodically and was covered from head to toe in earth and nettle stings. I was literally seeing stars. Heaven know what voltage was going through that thing.
I managed to open the door and slumped down pathetically beside her. I felt like I was drooling uncontrollably and just needed a moment and some compassion. She straightened up in her seat again, still without looking at me, and looked out the opposite window from where I was and said
" If your quite finished, I think a cup of tea would be in order, dont you? "

I looked at her and put the car into gear.......

Listening to...........stereophonics "gone to the movies"

see you later.........

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