Monday, 2 November 2009

Times, they're not a changin'......

Hullo ma wee blog,

I know its morning but I've already had a wake up call thank you very much, and I don't normally need more than one. But wake up calls come in more than one fashion, don't they? They did this morning anyway.

As usual I get up and, still with half closed eyes, head downstairs. Better this morning than sometimes actually, for although I did get up for a couple of hours in the night, I'm quite refreshed. Bright eyed and bushy tailed almost. So by the time I hit the bottom step I'm raring to go. I do my usual first task of getting a bit of lunch {and breakfast} for the lovely G, just a couple of filled rolls, usually a sweet and a savoury, some wee treats and a yogurt or a bit of fruit. I know she usually has the sweeter { jam or honey} of the two as a breakfast once she gets to the office but before the working day gets started and grabs the other some time later in the day.

This morning goes exactly to form and I'm putting on my shoes as G comes into the kitchen adjusting her scarf and bag and taking the goodies left on the kitchen work surface to pop in her bag as we head to the door and the car in the drive. A couple of minutes into the journey I make a bit of a maneuver to get past some slow coach as we {as usual} only have almost the exact clear road journey time to Dunbar and the twenty two minute journey to Edinburgh Waverley station.

G says,

"Whats the hurry this morning? Its only 7.25..."

"No Hun, the clock in the car is two minutes out"

"Didn't you adjust it when the clocks changed last weekend?"

"Aye, but for some reason within a day or so it reverts back to being two minutes slow. Tried it several times but its always the same. It always loses exactly two minutes and then no more. No idea what the problem is"


and then, after a tiny hesitation,

"Why don't you just set the clock two minutes fast?"


Ah bugger, why didn't I think of that. After all I am {normally} highly practical.

"I.......... I have absolutely no idea!......."

A moments silence.

We start giggling.

Made the train too.

{Out of curmudgeonly principle, I haven't yet changed the clock. After all I KNOW its two minutes slow!}

See you later........

Actually that story makes me think of Mum, who would have all the clocks and watches in the house set to run 10 minutes fast in an attempt to make sure that a certain father and recalcitrant small children wouldn't be running "at the coo's tail." I remember too after years of living 10 minutes fast having THAT conversation. You know the one. It starts with " But what difference does that make? We all know that the clocks are fast and by exactly how much." travels through " Why don't we just change the clocks to the right time and behave like sensible adults?" and ends with a discussion closing....,

" Because......"

Listening to Terry Wogans breakfast show on BBC radio 2


Anonymous said...

I have a close friend .,.,
A school teacher all his days before retiring ( like me, early ! ),,
He had two girls ,,( well still has, but older now, married & moved out of the parental home ) He used to get them to bed early when they were quite young ,, for years .,., by setting all the clocks in the house an HOUR fast !! Remind me sometime & I'll tell you more about this guy ,, but I'll leave you with this one .,., You know the Stockholm Syndrome .,., when a kidnap victim bonds with their captor ,, it was in the news at the time ,,, well we're golfing one morning when he says to me ,,, You know Doug, I think I'm suffering from that Stockholm syndrome IN REVERSE .,., the more I stay with the wife, the more I come to hate her !!

Morning's Minion said...

Hello, Al; This prompted a smile. I struggle against being a bit late, doing well until somehow things may fall apart in the final 10 minutes before I have to leave the house. Since I keep the clocks a few minutes fast, I'm usually almost on time--but kerfluffled by the last minute scurry.
I marvel that day and night hold the same hours season after season, while we humans try to be clever and say we're changing the time.
The cats were definitely confused this morning and began pouncing and wheedling for me to get up and serve their breakfast while the clock said I had an hour to burrow under the quilt. It will take them about a week to make the change.
I've no idea why blogger's "follower" alert isn't always working---much too complicated a problem for the techinically challenged such as I. While I'd like to try some of the more sophisticated blogging tools, I fear that what I have painfully accomplished in the way of layout and posts would disappear--where ever such things can go.
The lunches which you prepare for G. sound very tempting--it is so nice to be fussed over in that way.

Big Swifty said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle with which way the clocks change between BST and GMT? I cannot get my head round it. And as we're so far east, our sunsets come pretty early these days!

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