Friday, 30 October 2009

Two sets of heavy purrs....

Hullo ma wee blog,

I sit on the couch, coffee by my side and a book in my hand. The day is grey outside, driech and cold but not so cold as earlier in the week. A cat sits at my feet and contemplates me with the utmost intent.

I look down..


I get a mouthed but silent meow in return and go back to reading my book.

A second later I am joined on the couch by Jess, who now contemplates me from much closer than before. I lift my book and give her a raised eyebrow 'what?' kind of look. She steps with supreme dignity onto my thigh and moves up inside my raised arm and thumps herself down onto my chest in a sideways slump, back towards me. A slight raising of the head back into my chest answers the question 'Just feeling lonely eh?.'

I return to book and coffee and stroke her gently between sips, cradling her weight to prevent her slipping down. {a forlorn hope in reality as my belly would no doubt do that for me} After a while her head slips back onto me in agreeable companionship and slowly her eyes slide shut as she drops off to sleep, a delighted drool on her lips.

Coffee finished, I watch her for a few therapeutic moments before returning again to my book and its tale of Edinburgh ne'er do wells and a fictional detective. The heat of her body seeps into my chest in a comforting way and spreads across my whole being. A wee furnace. Soon it will be time to stir myself and think of making tonights dinner.

In two shakes of a cats tail I too am comatose.

Who knows which of us purrs loudest.

see you later when I wake up.......


Morning's Minion said...

I hope you don't tire of my commenting that you do this well--can we call it the personal essay style? Your observations of your cat[s] behavior and the way you relate it are a study on catliness [am I trying to invent a word?] and the way we humans interact with them.
With some of our business affairs in a *fankle* [good descriptive term!] the purrs of a cat on my lap or beside me in bed are a welcome solace.
Of course domestic felines are self serving--they know a warm place, a human who will indulge them. They know that about us, they know that we know just who they are. It is a mutually satisfying relationship.

ChrisJ said...

What a calming, snuggly, relaxing atmosphere! You do write well. I will be back

Alistair said...

Hullo MM,

Thanks again for a nice comment. Glad you enjoy my stuff. Like your blog its random often, and sometimes much the better for it too. I don't normally 'plan' what is going to go in, it just happens, but I will think about the historical stuff a bit more. I can get a bit carried away on that subject at times, and not always for the best!!!

Hullo Chris,

Nice to see you here. Come again anytime. Try not to build your hopes up too much, you may have just got me on a good day!

Regards to both....Al.

lom said...

I remember those moments well, I miss my cat so much

Bovey Belle said...

We have cats too - far too many - and the fattest one of them is dragging her teefs through her coat on my lap as I write, trying to make my fingers longer to reach the right hand side of the keyboard.

Cats, I find, know a soft touch when they meet one. They also have a wicked sense of humour as they WILL make a beeline for confirmed cat-haters and pretend that these people are just . . . irresistable!

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