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what an evening

Hullo ma wee blog,

Sitting in the garden enjoying the last of the days rays on my shoulder. The lovely G is out at a friends for dinner, an acquaintance from the early train to Edinburgh who has just recently changed jobs. So here I am, on me tod. I have opened a rather nice surprise from our meagre stock of wine in the rack in the kitchen - really must do something about that - an Argentinian oak aged 2007 shiraz called "The prop", and its a bit of a find, really nice and deeply flavoured, fruity and peppery and just now looking at the back of the bottle, a satisfying 14% abv. It is after all part of the reason to drink isn't it? Having been sitting in our warm kitchen for god knows how long too its just the right temperature and the flavour is lingering nicely on the palate. The birds are singing and if I listen carefully I can every so often hear the sheep in the fields at the edge of the village and the occasional mettalic rush of a train on its way from Edinburgh to…

Crivens, jings and help ma boab, what a shocker!

Went out last night with the lovely G, just up to the headland to take a couple of sunset shots as it was a clear and bright evening and the view from up there when conditions are right is one of my all time favourites and makes me glad that I live in a place like this. We took the road out along the headland as I had spied a couple of places along the road where I would be able to take some nice photos.
We stopped and I duly did my stuff and we were back in the car just coming along the road to rejoin the main road when I spotted some lambs cavorting in the field at the side of us. And, a convenient little part of the stone field wall that was substantially lower than the rest. Aha! I thought, that will do me for some cover and I'll be able to get in nice and close without startling them , as my lens isn't the best for that kind of shot. So I duly coasted quietly to a stop, slid out of the drivers seat and made my way in my best BBC wildlife photographer approximation to the…

Apologies for the name

The blog is named after a similar saying by "Oor Wullie", a cartoon character in the Scottish paper, the "Sunday Post". He has short spiky hair, wears dungarees and sits on an upturned tin pail. Unlike me he hasn't changed in the last fifty years. When in dire straits, he has been known to utter " Jings, crivens and help ma Boab". Roughly translated it derives from "Jesus, Heavens and Help Me God!" or something like that..........

And that's also what came naturally to mind when I was trying to think of a name for the blog anyway.

Listening to....... The Proclaimers " Throw the R away"

see you later..........

Me, and flowers?

Ever since I have had a decent camera I seem to be becoming more and more fascinated by flowers and trying to take a decent picture of them. I love it and now often wander off and leave G looking at other stuff until she almost has to remiond me that perhaps we should be moving on. Its amazing how interesting they are to photograph and I can't understand why I never looked before. Its as though just carrying a camera makes you look at things in a different way. Maybe us blokes should have to carry one all the time! Listening to...........Queen "I'm in love with my car" see you later.........

A lovely day and a visitor

Evening over Torness.

Its been a cracker of a day today weather wise and one of the lovely G's friends has come to stay over. G and I always enjoy visitors and its nice to catch up with folk again. Miss C arrived at about 10.30am and after a quick catch up cup of tea I took her and G off to drop them so they could walk along the headland to Fast Castle, a nice walk of about half an hour downhill to the fragmentary remains of what must have been an amazing sight. The site of the castle, jutting out into the sea atop some rugged cliffs covered in sea birds is absolutely stunning. And of course it comes with its own legends of fantastic treasure just waiting to be found. Not that I'd want to lug it back up that hill mind you as its a bit steep in parts.
After a couple of hours I picked them back up {although I was late - what can I say, I'm a bloke!} and we all went to a local hideaway restaurant for a { on their part} well deserved lunch and a nice bottle of red wine. The weat…

Why would that be?

Just noticed that the time of posting is listed as 7pm. Wonder why that is. Is the blog hosted somewhere else in the world I wonder? It is 4.30am - honest injun!

see you later...................

Redundant, who - me?

Redundancy seems to do strange things to you. Which is why I am sitting in my kitchen writing this at four o'clock in the morning. My mind is full of stuff and its making me toss and turn and to avoid waking my wife, the lovely G, I decided I should give in and get up for a bit. Daylight is seeping in through the windows and the dawn chorus is in fine voice. The view out of the bedroom window upstairs is across the garden to the bowling green and is actually quite lovely in this light as there is a long line of gold and pale brown across the horizon. Having decided to get up has immediately helped quiet the voice in my head and looking out across the stillness of the garden has calmed me in moments. I feel better already.

I have picked some music to match my mood and am just now listening to the beautiful, ethereal sound of the track " sacrifice" from the film "The Insider". The sound seems to hover about the room and feels like a call to the morning, a haunti…

Annoyed already and introductions

Been setting up this blog, which is no mean feat for someone as technically challenged as me, and am already getting mildly cheesed off that I cant choose to tell you exactly where I live in the profile section. Oh no, that would be too simple I suppose. I have to say that I'm from the UK, as thats in their selection criteria, but really what I want to say is that I'm that from Scotland. Its only a small point I know, but for gods sake, its a bloomin country! We have our own parliament and everything. !
Ach, you'll just have to get used to me, wont you.

Anyway, Like I said above somewhere, I,m just the wrong side of 50 years old, or at least thats how it feels right now, and am lucky enough to live in East Lothian, a county which is a really bonny part of Scotland, a few miles east of Edinburgh. Its rural but still close enough to town that when the mood takes me I can be sitting in an Edinburgh pub having a beer or watching a movie in less than an hour. In the space of a…