Monday, 12 September 2011


Hullo ma wee blog,

Outside the open bedroom window the sound of wind penetrates the darkness. Lying here comfortably in bed (for a change) I listen to its sound as it hisses, swirls and gently swishes around the corner of the house. The trees around the garden add a leafy sibilance as they shudder and shake like they've done across the whole windy day today. Tomorrow gales are forecast across Scotland as we experience the tail end of the hurricane that hit America recently. In all likelihood high winds will mean a bumper crop of windfall fruit from the apple and pear trees for the kitchen and probably enough to be shared out between the neighbours too.

Sleepily I decide a trip to the toilet is in order and gently slip out from under the covers. Comfortable in the darkness, I step around the bed and head towards the door which is slightly ajar to allow Jess to come and go during the night as she pleases. As I pass the end of the bed I see her rise up from the folds of the duvet in the murky light and, as I reach her, she jumps down between me and the door. I watch the white shape disappear around the impenetrable dark of the doors edge and I follow. She walks in front of me, a white splodge in the darkness that leads me along the hall and stops just beyond the bathroom door where the shape changes as she sits down, efficiently marking the point where I should turn to open the bathroom door. As usual I keep the lights off and the moonlight coming through the bathroom window is more than enough to see by. A moment or two later I turn off the tap and dry my hands before opening the door back out into the landing. The ghostly shape sits patiently waiting until the door opens and then leads me back to the bedroom. I follow a few sleepy paces behind, not quite closing the door fully behind me as I enter. A small gurn of effort tells me that she's lept back up onto the bed even before I hear the airy puff of her landing on the duvet beside the sleeping shape of G.

I climb carefully back into bed beside my wife's sleeping form but I can tell from the lack of movement when I try to pull the duvet over me that Jess is there waiting for her reward. As I prize enough duvet back from beneath her to cover my less than sylph-like figure, she steps forward until, by the time I'm successfully covered, she is by my chest. I roll onto my side facing her and after a second she sits down and lowers her head toward me. A loud purr starts when I reach out to rub her shoulders and neck and after a few seconds she collapses against me while I close my eyes and continue massaging. As penances go it's quite therapeutic really.

Some time later I wake.

Jess is still beside me, silent now and fast asleep tucked against my chest. It takes me a moment to realise what has wakened me. The room is silent. There's no sound of wind beyond the window. I listen for what seems like only a few seconds before the distinct patter of raindrops on the pantile roof drifts back to me. In the perfect silence it has an oddly musical quality that is very hard to describe, but somehow seems close to the sound of a wooden xylophone being struck by knitting needles. I lie musing on the image I've just created in my head and can't stop feeling that it's accurate as the sound of rain gets heavier and the noise of raindrops on the window and frame is added to the quietly building cacophony.

I reach out to Jess and she begins to emit a pattering sound.

Outside,  the rain purrs down.

See you later.

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Morning's Minion said...

This is a lovely 'bedtime story' as I head toward bed [and hopefully sleep!] at midnight. Working on ledgers trying to convert half-remembered jottings into something that will suit both our accountant and the Internal Revenue is NOT condusive to peaceful nocturnal thoughts.
I do have the comfort of the feline tribe waiting to escort me to the bedroom. The sleeping shape and sound of each one is distinct and identifiable even in the dark wee hours.

Alistair said...

I've come back and tweaked this again after a re-read to try and tighten it up a bit and improve some of the grammer. I must have been too tired when I wrote it in the early hours this morning.

That'll teach me!

Sleep well MM.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Sorry Alistair,it's all too sentimental.

Have you been partaking of certain mind-altering substances?
Other than the glorious fragrance which seems to exude from our beloveds?

Alistair said...

I just get that way when I'm sleepy. Normally I'm a right curmudgeon.

Nicky Parry said...

Aw, we can always rely on good old Jess to provide a good bedtime story subject! Very sweet, Alistair :)

Antares Cryptos said...

@Scottish bastard, please note: I did not call you that.
Nothing sentimental here, get a cat and you'll understand the joys of being escorted to the bathroom by a predator.;)

Alistair, liked this and the sky photography.

Alistair said...

AC - not to worry. You can't expect to have everyone like everything all the time. We're all different and I'm glad TSB felt able to comment like that anyway - and as you know - all feedback helps.

He'll keep reading anyway.

Not every post will suit all and I write the way I feel at any particular time. Ultimately I write what pleases me and hope that it hits home with others. TSB writes very differently to me, often gives me a chuckle and sometimes I leave with a shaking of the head.

The great thing about blogging is that we can share thoughts and feelings - just as you do here. Thanks for your support.


diamond dave said...

Few things are more soothing or sleep-inducing than the sound of rain gently pattering outside or against a window late at night, or in the wee hours of the morning. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap. (Which would be a good idea, considering I work a night job.)

Alistair said...

I agree Dave - in fact I've just come back from an hour of that very {in}activity right now and very enjoyable it was too!

Leanne said...

as someone who shares my bed with three feline companions, i enjoyed reading that!

Leanne x

Alistair said...

Leanne - hullo you!

Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can see from your avatar that the odd cat may be part of your life!

Thanks again. Drop by anytime.

Unknown said...

I liked it. Your words took me to that few moments.
I also like your comments about blogging. We are all
individuals and this would not be any fun if we were
all alike.

Rebecca S. said...

This post exudes utter contentment. Which is often how a well-loved cat feels, I wager. I like this because it is so feline in its expressions. And that bit about 'her airy puff of landing on the duvet' is lovely.

Alistair said...

Thanks Rebecca,

We spend a lot of time together in the dark, her and I. I often feel like a sheep being herded back to the flock when she's on escort duty.....

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