Monday, 5 September 2011

Freddie Mercury would be HOW old?

Statue of Freddie, Montreux, Switzerland.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Freddie Mercury, the charismatic lead singer of rock band Queen would have been 65 today. I heard this on the radio as I travelled across the country to see a friend and was stunned to realise that, had he lived, this great musician and character would have been a pensioner picking up his bus pass today.

I always enjoyed Queen’s music, although I was never a true fan. I always thought they were talented musicians, good songwriters and exceptional showmen, whose songs have the rare balance of intelligent lyrics, great tunes, and fantastic delivery. As a lover of live music, they were a band I'd have loved to see but never did. Much of their music holds up well to the passing years, unlike many and Freddie, if at all possible, is a bigger star today than he was when he was alive. Who knows what fantastic tracks  he and the band would have made since, had he lived. 

There are many tracks I could choose to play as a tribute in memory of  and no doubt there will be more than a few across the Internet today. Here are a couple of my favourite tracks from the band.

I hope you enjoy them. (Especially you Jane)

See you later.


Kat_RN said...

We went to a Bob Dylan concert while we were in Phoenix this summer. He turned 70 earlier this year and he still rocks. "Who wants to live forever" is my favorite Queen song.
I guess our definition of old is changing.

Nicky Parry said...

Wow, what a thought! I can still remember hearing about his death. Such a tragedy - what a loss. He truly was an amazing performer.

The Horse said...

We lost a great voice, intelligent man and an amazing stage presence when Freddie passed away. No one can or should they ever replace him. I think you’re right however that he is more popular today then he has ever been. I wish I had been old enough to see Queen play live.
There is one thing that saddens me greatly about Freddie’s loss was his inability to let the world know he had AIDS in fact it wasn’t until the last hours of his life did it become public. I am grateful today that we have more understanding and tolerance, regarding HIV. When you get a chance look up the Mercury Phoenix trust, see what good work continues on today in his name.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the visit. I agree with your comments about HIV/aids. I'll have a look at that site.

Thanks again.

Rebecca S. said...

If you get a chance, go on Youtube and search 'University of California Octet singing Bohemian Rhapsody.' That's how I commemorated Freddie's birthday :) Queen was a fantastic brand of glam rock/opera theatrics..and what a voice!

Alistair said...

Thanks Rebecca - I'll have a look!

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