Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hullo ma wee blog,

Too many things are swirling through the brain tonight, thoughts that won't form themselves into any kind of sense and images that are tumbled through with feelings that won't willingly give me the words to describe them. {How do you spell a sigh or the sound of a wave as it falls over on itself?}

I'm tired and heading off to bed - to dream of better words.

See you later.

Listening to.


Nicky said...

Hope you eventually managed to find a peaceful and restful night. Love all things here - the cartoon - I love that series! Fun seeing the videos of them. Also love the Don McLean song, and I'm a big fsn of Van Gogh :)

IndigoWrath said...

And we all hope a decent night's sleep followed.

Alistair said...

Nicky - I love em too!

Indigo - We-el???? not really.

{But there's always tonight!}

coastkid said...

Sweet dreams Al... -:)

dbs said...

I hope you finally got some sleep to knit up the raveled sleeve of care.

Postman said...

Thanks for leaving us a bit of music before passing out!

Alistair said...

No problem - it's only polite, right?

Thanks Postman.

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