Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Evolution Of Man

It seems scientists studying the behaviour of chimpanzees have stumbled upon what they believe to be the reason that man first stood on two legs and began to walk. They observed that during times of limited food availability chimpanzees spent markedly more time upright as they gathered food and carried it away rather than staying to eat it where it was found. This behaviour was seen to be particularly prevalent when competition for a favourite food source was involved as individuals would carefully gather armfuls and carry food to a safe area away from their rivals, successfully increasing their personal food intake.
Scientists now believe this could be what drove early hominid man to stand and that increased competition forced him to become more expert at standing upright, walking and carrying until it became the preferred method and the body adapted accordingly.

How typical it seems that the only thing capable of getting man off his backside was a takeaway……….

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Bovey Belle said...

Love it! I read that article too, and was thinking they only stood up so they could reach the bar . . .

Good idea for a dissertation - who made the first booze and when? I have a theory that the Meadowsweet pollen grains found in Beaker cups show that they were buried with Mead in. (I believe the name Mead derives from the plant name). But surely, booze was around long before the early Bronze Age?

Antares Cryptos said...

Many rodents and predators carry off food to consume it safely. Not sure if that is the only reason.

Maybe something more lewd/;)

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