Lost {again}

Where are my car keys?

Why can I never find my car keys?

Why am I always late?




Where are those BLOODY CAR KEYS?

WHERE ARE MY........




Another entry for the Trifecta challenge. {you're allowed three!}


Antares Cryptos said…
Laughing with you.
barbara said…
a universal problem with a sheepish (universal) ending. :)
booguloo said…
It's always good to have someone around like that as long as you can put up with the rolled eyes.
Alistair said…
AC - Laughing - who's laughing? lol.

Barbara - It's something I'm familiar with..........

Booguloo - She's not wrong - but she's not as right as I am!
Rebecca S. said…
Oh yes, familiar scene...:)
Alistair said…
And I bet it's you dangling the keys Rebecca. Why is it always us poor men who seem to suffer this indignity???
Alistair said…
I would if I could find it!
Trifecta said…
Thanks for linking up (twice!). The car keys. I'm down to only one set for my car. Next time I lose them, I'm a bit stuck! Nice write.

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