Niece to Meet You - To Meet You, Niece!

Emily Ursula Pauline Hudspeth

Life changes everything and never more so when that life is a new one. Hello Emily, a much longed for first daughter to my brother-in-law and his partner and who was born on Wednesday . I think it's safe to say that for Karen and Leonard life will never be the same again. It will always be better. Welcome to the family little one. Welcome to the world. May you know only love. See you soon. I have so many wondrous stories to tell you.

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Ahhh, lovely innocence. Protect it while you can.

Because in 16 years she'll be one of the little angelsI teach.

And I can assure you all innocence is lost.

I wish her well.
Alistair said…
Crikey TSB - what are you teaching them that has such an effect!
awwww she's darlin. Just adorable!!!
IndigoWrath said…
Congrats, uncle-in-law!
The Truth Alistair, the Truth.
Antares Cryptos said…
@TSB, lighten up.

@Alistair, congratulations on welcoming a new life.:)
Newborns aren't usually beautiful--except in the miraculous sense. This is a pretty baby!
Alistair said…
Cheers everyone - a week old tomorrow and already sleeping like an angel apparently. {Long may that continue}
Rebecca S. said…
Oh, such a beautiful little bairn (isn't that the Scottish term?)! And you have given her a truly sweet welcome, Al.
And just for the record, I know plenty of lovely 16 year old girls :)
Alistair said…
Aye Rebecca, bairn is the right term - or - even more common in my neck of the woods is 'wean', pronounced like 'Wayne' which simply is an evolution of wee-yin {little one}
Alistair said…
And I've met a few lovely 16 year olds too at various times......

Alistair said…
Cheers lom. She is a wee honey isn't she.....
Martin said…
Willkommen auf unserer Welt, kleine Verwandte! Danke für das Foto, Alistair

Greetings from Switzerland
Alistair said…
Hallo Martin,

Thanks for that. I Hope you and the family are well. Hope to see you all later in the year!
Such a little beauty! I hope I'll get to see her some day sooner rather than later!
Alistair said…
Then why not come and see her sometime??

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