Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Wedding

Finding your true love is one of the greatest things that might ever happen to you in life. I can say that because I feel I've been lucky enough to have done just that. The Lovely G and I were married 21 years ago on the twenty seventh of April 1991 in Inchcolme Abbey, a medieval abbey in the care of Historic Scotland. Apart from the caretakers daughter, we were the first people to be married there in several hundred years.

It was a good day. The weather, that had been poor the day before and would be again the day after, gave us a lovely sunny day and calm waters - needed to get onto the island where the Abbey lies in the middle of the Firth of Forth and we were surrounded by loved ones, both family and friends. One of the things I remember clearly about the day, apart from how stunning my new bride was and how painful it is to smile through a whole day, was the tiny flower girl - our 5 year old niece - who went around insistently pulling her dress down off her shoulders so she could look more like the bridesmaids with their off the shoulder dresses.

Just Married

Last Saturday we went to her wedding.

Linda is now a music teacher, lives in Lancaster in England and married Matthew, a naval officer whom she'd met while they were both students at Edinburgh University. Like us they married in an ancient church - Cartmel Priory in The Lake District - and like us they had the benefit of a day of good weather and, apart from one wee moment, no April showers .

Great Aunt H goes digital

Like the girl I married, Linda looked stunning - but of course, as her Godfather I'm biased. Having been together for several years they seem to be a perfect match and I have no doubt they will be good to each other.
No explanation needed.

It was a great opportunity for me to have a play around with my new lens {a Canon 55-200mm zoom which has a nice wide angle for landscapes} and I'd a lot of fun on the day with it. Some of the lighting especially in the church was poor but the camera copes well - as long as I remember to adjust the ISO and WB properly - which I don't all the time!.

She never could handle a drink

I like the flexibility of the zoom and I like the less formal shots so am often found lurking round the edges of happenings people watching and taking portaits in that way.

The girls together.

Bridesmaids dress detail

My brother and his wife had a great day as their eldest became the first of a new generation to marry. The last family wedding had been mine.

The brides mother makes a photo

Entertainment by some of Lindas pupils

Brides Dad and Grooms Mum

The father of the bride's speech

Relaxing and enjoying the speeches

The first dance.

{And even though Matthew is an Englishman he was also a true Scot}

See you later

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Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Absolutely lovely.

Hope they have a lovely married life.

BTW, who's the gorgeous girl sitting next to the father of the bride (_MG_4093.jpg), she's a cracker. In an entirely objective fashion of course.

Alistair said...

That's my neice too, Linda's wee sister Gail who was a bridesmaid.

She's a beauty eh-no?

In a totally objective fashion too of course......

Rebecca S. said...

Lovely photos and description from a very proud uncle. The couple looks pleased as punch. I'm very excited about the upcoming wedding of my niece - the second wedding of the next gen., but the first we are able to attend. Congratulations on your own 21 years!!!!

Alistair said...

Thanks Rebecca - and you're right.... I am a very proud uncle.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as we did!

DB Stewart said...

An extraordinary ordinary day.

Alistair said...


Morning's Minion said...

I enjoyed this wedding journal--a glimpse into the lives of strangers at an especially happy time.
Congratulations on 21 years with your 'lovely G.'

Nicky said...

So lovely! Hope you are well, Alistair! And Happy Anniversary week to yourself and the lovely G too xxx

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely wedding and the groom has a fine leg on him to take a kilt . . . They make a lovely couple.

Congratulations on your own 21 years of happiness with the lovely G.

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