Birthdays are such a scream

As it's The Lovely G's birthday today - don't ask, I'm a gentleman and a coward - I've taken the day off and we're braving the forecast torrential rain to go to Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art to look at the Edvard Munch exhibition and then going out for something to eat.

Some pampering has already taken place and much more to come. I seem to have hit a goldmine of brownie points by arranging a microlight flight for her main present.

Don't be so surprised sweetheart - I'm still trying to justify that telephoto lens.........

And you are very well insured.

Have a brilliant day!

And thank you for your permission to finally post a photo of you.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for a great birthday so far and for picking my all time favourite song - even though you know why. ha ha. Love you! x
Eolist Petite said…
what a amazing gift! Happy Birthday to The Lovely G!
Happy Birthday to G. Nice photo. She shouldn't be so camera shy
Indigo Roth said…
Hey Alistair! Odd coincidence; I was at the Tate Modern on Sunday checking out the Damien Hirst (flashes of true genius, some laughable), and they also had an Edvard Munch exhibition. Enjoy! As for The smashing picture of The Lovely G - you lucky dog! Do we get to see you sometime? Indigo
coastkid said…
Happy Birthday G and you will love our county form the air!
Reach for the sky!
Nicky said…
Happy birthday G! Hope she (you both!) had a lovely day :)
Alistair said…
Thanks all - it was a good day. That's how birthdays should be, right? The rain stayed off, the exhibition was interesting {not a very cheery chappie our Edvard}and the afternoon coffee and cake was lovely. As we are both suffering from colds we decided to take a rain check on the meal out and will pick that up when we feel a bit better so we can fully enjoy it. Makes for a longer birthday treat too eh Hun?
Pearl said…
Aww! Happy birthday, G. Sounds like a lovely time has been planned for you!!

dbs said…
Next time you need brownie points may I suggest you make brownies. ;)
Best wishes to Lady G.

The microlight was a great idea. My Beloved got me an hours trip from Dundee, and I flew all over Fife.
It was a special treat watching the Rapier AA missiles tracking us as we flew over RAF Leuchars.

PS, It was bloody cold, ask her to wear thick socks and sensible boots.
Alistair said…
Thanks Pearl. I do my best {he says with fake hunility!}

dbs - :-D

TSB - She's well chuffed. Of course the way things are going with the weather this summer she may have had another birthday before she gets to go up in one!
Rebecca S. said…
Happy birthday to the lovely G! It's lovely also to see a photo of her.

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