Friday, 18 January 2013

A Little Bit Of Snow

The Old Smiddy

It's been snowing most of the morning.The first real snow of Winter is coming and will be here on and off over the next three days. It'll be over just as I go on holiday so I hope it stays around long enough to get some photography done with the swanky new camera The Lovely G bought me for Christmas. Earlier this week we had a little foretaste of what's coming with a couple of inches overnight Monday into Tuesday. I took the chance to get out and take some photos around the vicinity of the house. I stuck them onto my facebook page the other day but for some reason couldn't get them to upload onto the blog. Here are the some of them at last.

A Neighbouring cottage
Peanuts for Breakfast
The lane
Light filters through the trees
Toward the Kirk
Across the bowling green to the house {center}
I'm going to be working away until tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully G will be snug and cosy in the house. We are hoping to be able to attend a funeral on Saturday morning - a colleague is going to cover me for a few hours - but that will be dependant on weather conditions. After the weekend I'm on holiday, using up the last of my work annual holiday entitlement before I lose it on the anniversary of my employment. I'll have been working a year in just a couple of weeks. It seems much less than that.
Another shot of the house across the green.
I was on holiday for a week last week during which we had some welcome visitors come to stay. Hopefully I'll get some of those pics uploaded and a few lines about what we got up to later tonight maybe.
See you later.
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Rebecca S. said...

These photos are familiar :) I'm glad you were clear about the bowling green not being a swimming pool, though.
Enjoy your holiday (again). Are you going away?
What a very pretty place you live in!

Alistair said...

Hullo Rebecca - Ha! Not many pools round these parts I can assure you. Just too cold I'm afraid. It's a bonny wee village dating back to the viking period. The local castle - now a house about 70 yards away - was built around 1300. Not much surviving from that time other than the castle though and to be honest you'd not recognise it as a castle unless someone told you!

We're going away froma week - up North { just in case we need to feel a little colder.......}

Antares Cryptos said...

You live in a postcard or a costume film. Deeply envious.
Enjoy your vacation.

Alistair said...

Not really but it seems that way sometimes I guess. Never lived in a town or city although I've worked in plenty. I prefer the small village in the country scenario. I'm probably antisocial I guess. :-D

Anonymous said...

so very beautiful! makes me yearn to live there. perhaps some day i shall. :)

Alistair said...

Yearn is a word I can understand EP. I'm very much at home in this landscape and although I'd love to stay in the south of France I could never truly leave Scotland and would need to have some kind of bolthole here.

I can see me living between a couple of caravans in the future.

ps. Visitors always welcome.

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