Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Another day and not another dollar.........

As usual I have been dosing on and off for most of the night, tossing and turning and being in danger of waking up the lovely G who is sometimes less then lovely to me when kept awake at all hours of the night. I got up at one point for a cup of tea which is probably not going to help me sleep either I know but at least gives G the chance to have a couple of hours of undisturbed rest and help preserve my safety for a couple of hours too. For one so small she packs a mean poke in the ribs!.

Having been up from 2.30 till 4.30, its now half past five and I have given up trying to sleep anymore for today. Daylight has seeped through the window and the rain which came last night has left droplets of rainwater hanging brightly from the underside of the velux window which we always have open summer or winter. A quick glance out past them shows me a pale blue and fairly clear sky over the sea as I carefully pick up my shirt and trousers and head off downstairs for a coffee.

Everyone says, and I have to agree, that the first coffee of the day is the best one. I love to have mine in the kitchen and in peaceful solitude, quietly able to consider the day ahead, planning and organising my half thought out day and looking forward to the small things that make each day worth living.

Today I need to prepare for the childrens hearing tommorrow afternoon as its a heavy caseload and the reports posted to me a few days ago have lain, an undisturbed but weighty reminder, in their sealed pack across the weekend and the start of the week. It can take quite a few hours to go over a case and there are 4 to hear tomorrow so it feels like a pretty full day of reading and thinking today. I also need to get a haircut which I will do when I need a break from the social work background reports for the cases. A short trip to the nearest hairdresser and a quick cut should hopefully only take an hour or two maximum. I will read the reports and my notes again later either tonight or tommorrow morning to make sure I know exactly what questions I want answered for each case before any decisions are made. I'm chairing two hearings so I need to be thoroughly prepared.

A well, better get started but maybe also another coffee. The second of the day can sometimes just be a continuation of the first.......

see you later

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