Saturday, 18 July 2009

No Surprise.......

Oh aye, I never gave you the update on my appeal.

As forecast the original decision was upheld as right and fair.


Well of course they must have. And they are entitled to make their own decision. So the company is acting in a fair and reasonable way making you redundant when they dont consult with you about the situation or the process, when they brief you on what will happen not consult about the situation, when they arrange meetings and dont advise you to have representation and when they tell you on day one of the consultation that you are out of a job and two days later give you a formal letter saying there are risks of redundancy. And its also fair not to tell you what the selection criteria is or how it is scored and to put into your selection form that you have delivered your role below average but are still a green performer. And obviously its fair to use a dept team ranking that has allegedly been put together by 5 managers, 3 of whom have never been in any of your projects, or any of your colleagues, or to retain two staff who have never yet delivered a project on their own, or to deny that geography is a factor and yet retain a perfect geographical split. And its highly reasonable when they say they have consulted with representatives but wont advise who the representatives are or the content of the consultation.

I'm glad they think thats reasonable. My lawyer thinks I have a reasonable case too. so I now have to appeal the appeal and go through it all again with yet another suit from the company who will no doubt regurgitate the same corporate platitudes and the same old decision. I cant tell you how frustrating that is. I can't believe either that I have spent 32 years of my bloody life working for a shower like that. Thats multi national corporations for you I guess.

I am not lying down on this. I have always trusted my instincts and judgement and I wont be treated in this way, being swatted like an annoying little flea.

So I will go on with the appeals charade while I lodge the tribunal claim.


Listening to - the sound of blood pumping in my ears!!!!

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