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Almost the weekend

Hello there ma wee blog!

Well its been a successful day today. The final prep for the hearings went well and I had time in the morning to go down to Dunbar and get my overdue haircut which is always strangely going to make me feel a wee bit better about 'life the universe and everything' anyway to quote Douglas Adams.

Getting a haircut, especially if I have left it a bit overdue, always takes me back to being a wee boy and going to the local barbers in the village where I grew up; sitting on the childs seat that was just a short plank of wood put across the arms of the barbers chair so you stuck up enough above the chair back to let the guy actually get to your napper. That almost tearful feeling of having been scalped as you stepped out of the shop with your Mum or Dad at your side and felt the wind caress your baldy heid for the first time reminding you of just how much hair you had just left behind on the floor. You actually felt lighter so much seemed to have gone, and of co…

Job done

Well, thats the initial read through done and my case notes made up. Time now to let the cases soak in and I'll revisit them again tonight or early tomorrow and get the questions together ready for the hearings.

Never managed to get a haircut though. Went down to the town but my usual place was closed so I will try again later in the week. Its annoying as I have left it a week too long and its been bugging me.

Ah well serves me right.

see you later.

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A few whiskers short of the full kitty!

As usual I am sitting in the kitchen while I blog this. I have just let the cats out. We have two, sisters, which we took to look after for a couple of weeks a few years ago. As you will recognise they never did go back to their owner, a colleague of the lovely G who was recovering from divorce or something and had moved into temporary rented accomodation for a few weeks while he looked for something better. I can't remember now what happened but he moved office or something and never got in touch. Whatever. The "Girls" as we call them settled in very easily and we grew to see them as ours very quickly - we were getting over the fact that our cat had died {old age} recently.
Jess and Bailey are very alike, white with some brown markings. Jess' main distinguishing feature is that she has a smudge on her chin and is smaller than Bailey who to be honest is a greedy guts. They are more recognisable by their behaviours. Bailey as becomes a cat who has just scoffed for Scot…

Another day and not another dollar.........

As usual I have been dosing on and off for most of the night, tossing and turning and being in danger of waking up the lovely G who is sometimes less then lovely to me when kept awake at all hours of the night. I got up at one point for a cup of tea which is probably not going to help me sleep either I know but at least gives G the chance to have a couple of hours of undisturbed rest and help preserve my safety for a couple of hours too. For one so small she packs a mean poke in the ribs!.

Having been up from 2.30 till 4.30, its now half past five and I have given up trying to sleep anymore for today. Daylight has seeped through the window and the rain which came last night has left droplets of rainwater hanging brightly from the underside of the velux window which we always have open summer or winter. A quick glance out past them shows me a pale blue and fairly clear sky over the sea as I carefully pick up my shirt and trousers and head off downstairs for a coffee.

Everyone says, and I…

old photos, old memories

Hullo there ma wee blog,

some photos of Operation Manna April 1945

Crowds pick up the dropped food even from the ditches

people were on roofs, at windows and in the streets

Dads position as tail gunner

plaque to 153 Sqn in Scampton church

RAF and Luftwaffe graves, Scamptonkirkyard.

I am typing with two fingers due to me accidentally trying to chop off three fingers on my right hand yesterday in the garden.

{Aye, that bloody hedge again!}

I'm sitting in my library, my own little sanctuary , surrounded by my books and my collection of antique maps of Scotland. I have always been fascinated by history. I don't know why, I just am. Being a bit of a magpie too I have also a fair wee collection of memorabilia relating to the family: a set of dominoes my Grandfather got from his Dad and which he carried through WWI, in Gallipoli and the Western Front, the reading frame made by an uncle for him to set on his bed table which went across his legs - he suffered from shellshock as a result of his …


Its a nice morning so maybe I will finally get that bloomin hedge chopped down a bit. think I will make a start on it when I get back from taking the lovely G to the station for the 7.38 to Edinburgh.............

Listening to............Thin Lizzie, Dancing in the Moonlight

Switzerland 2009

Hi there blog
As promised some photos of our recent holiday in Switzerland. we stayed with G's aunt and uncle near Schaffhausen but did a fair bit of travel as we had passes for free travel on trains, buses, boats and cable cars. These are just some memories........Listening to........ Polo Hoffer..... Giggerich

No Surprise.......

Oh aye, I never gave you the update on my appeal.

As forecast the original decision was upheld as right and fair.


Well of course they must have. And they are entitled to make their own decision. So the company is acting in a fair and reasonable way making you redundant when they dont consult with you about the situation or the process, when they brief you on what will happen not consult about the situation, when they arrange meetings and dont advise you to have representation and when they tell you on day one of the consultation that you are out of a job and two days later give you a formal letter saying there are risks of redundancy. And its also fair not to tell you what the selection criteria is or how it is scored and to put into your selection form that you have delivered your role below average but are still a green performer. And obviously its fair to use a dept team ranking that ha…

A blustery day.

Been on my own today: the lovely G at work and out in the evening and the weather has been dour. Cold and wet with the rain driven across the garden by a strong wind. The skies have been sullen, dark grey and the day has seemed like one long cold evening. When I was young and living on the west coast I would have called it "dreich" and pronounced it "dreech" with the ch like in loch.
I had planned to be out in the garden almost all day. The hedges at front and back of the house have been left so long they are almost out of control and I am going to have to be ruthless when cutting them back. My fault of course, I have left them too long. My excuse was that there were several nests in the hedges, sparrows, blackbirds and a beautiful thrush with its ermine chest, and I wanted to wait until all the eggs had hatched and the chicks were properly fledged and away. I should in all honesty have done it before we went on holiday but of course I didn't and by the time we …

The appeal

Hi there ma wee blog.

Today I attended my appeal hearing for my claim of unfair dismissal. I claim that my redundancy was unfair due to an unfair selection process and also seperately that the normal stated company process for making people redundant wasn't followed properly.
So today I got to sit down with one of the company directors and lay out my case in detail. I started talking at 9am and stopped at 11.50am. I got what I wanted: to sit down with the company and explain exactly what I feel they got wrong. To show and explain the evidence I believe supports my case and to be questioned about what I believe should have happened. I took my time, and carefully went over everything I had prepared and at the end of it the director thought that there as enough concerns to go and speak to the people involved in the process to check my claims. So the hearing is adjourned and we will reconvene next week when I will get to hear what they have to say and continue arguing my case. Then once…

So long Paw and thanks for all the fish!

Hi there my wee blog. Not posted for a bit. Been away for a couple of weeks on holiday in Switzerland. Great to see the extended family again, to leave our cares and woes behind for a while and to see the lovely G unwind and step back into speaking the language again.
What a magical place it is. Once more we can come back with hearts full of memories and smiles and our batteries charged for another dose of real life. We did lots of travelling with our pre paid travel passes which meant free travel on trains, trams, buses and boats and most of the cable cars too.

I'll post some photos of the holiday soon but today my heart is full of thoughts of Mum and Dad as my side of the family got together yesterday to scatter their ashes. Dad died a couple of months ago aged 83 and we hadn't yet, for many reasons, let go of Mums ashes after she died nearly 2 years ago. Uncle Bill, Dads twin, had come up from down south to stay with Aunt Helen, the youngest sister, for a short holiday and th…