Friday, 18 June 2010

A short diversion........

TOOT - a road sign I like.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Just taking a quick break from working in the garden this afternoon. It's hot and I need a drink and a seat out of the sun for a moment. Us Scots aren't used to sun you see. As I've been scanning through some photo's uploaded recently I thought I'd lazily just post a few while I'm relaxing. A flavour of the village and locally.

Top - TOOT - a road sign locally urging motorists to toot their horn at a blind corner on a very narrow road - near Abbey ST Bathans  - I've never seen another like this anywhere.

A sparrow feeding on our old pear tree.

The village Kirk - the round tower dates from the 14thC.

The Kirk hall.

Old house in the village.

This is in a dilapidated state and I ache to have the money to buy and restore it the way it deserves.

Traprain Law {hill} From Dunbar clifftop walk.

Traprain is one of several volvanic plugs in the area - Bass rock, North Berwick Law, Edinburgh Castle Rock are all similar.

Public bench - Promenade, Spittal, Berwick Upon Tweed.

Must go.

see you later..........


Beth said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for the nice note on my blog.

Big Swifty said...

Not even Tooting has a "toot" sign. Splendid!

Rebecca S. said...

I am so intrigued by the 'stairs' detail on the old house you wish you could buy. Oh you are lucky to be surrounded with so much visual history!

Rebecca S. said...

And the 'toot' sign is adorable. We have a funny one on the schoolyard fence that says: No horses
No golfing
No dogs
No motorized vehicles


Alistair said...

The stepped gables of the house is a traditional feature of Scots Architecture which was used for hundreds of years. You'll find it on everything from cottages to municipal buildings and castles. I would judge this house to be late 1700 or early 1800's. The steps - we call these houses 'crow stepped' for obvious reasons - were originally used to allow a plank of wood to be laid on top across the width of the roof so that work could be done to repair etc but quickly became decorative too. I love the character such attention to detail gives a building.

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