Thursday, 11 November 2010


In memory of the fallen, the departed and any who continue to suffer the effect of war.

Sam Robertson Royal Scots Fusiliers 1915- 1918 Gallipoli and France.
Thomas Hughes Royal Flying Corps 1914 - 1918 France
Sam Robertson 153 Sqdn RAF Bomber Command  1944-1945.
Bill Robertson Fleet Air Arm 1944-1945.

Never Forgotten.


Scottish Nature Boy said...

Hi Al,
I'll be thinking this morning about the grandfather I never had the chance to know - killed in Holland in Operation Market Garden with the Gordon Highlanders, trying to fight through to rescue the paras at Arnhem in 1944. Another few months and he'd have made it safely through the war. SNB

Alistair said...

Our family was lucky. Everyone came home although my grandfather Sam Robertson was badly injured and suffered from shell shock for another 50 years before he died in '67. Always bedridden when I knew him, it was something that you just accepted without question as a child.

Rebecca S. said...

My grandfather spent some time during the war in the UK training Canadian soldiers to operate anti-aircraft machinery. He came home safely with a bracelet made of three-pence linked together for my grandmother. They gave it to me and today I wore it in remembrance of his service as well as for the period of time my grandmother, my dad and his brother had to carry on without him here at home.

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