Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Back from holiday.

Plant-Pot Ornament.
Hullo ma wee blog,

That's us back home from holiday in Switzerland. It's been great to see family again and as usual I took loads of photographs so we'll have lots of memories of our time there with the family. One of the reasons for the visit was because the lovely G's uncle had been very ill. It was great to see that he had made some huge improvement since the lovely G had seen him last in February of this year, even though he was still very frail. It's hard to see someone who was very powerful laid low by encroaching old age. The improvement helped the lovely G settle down and enjoy the holiday and gave me the chance to do some minor tasks around the place as a way of helping out G's Aunt and simply saying thanks for all the times we have stayed with them. So, I did some gardening and took over responsibility for making sure that the vegetable plot was kept well watered in the heat.

Path im Wald.


Over the last week, the temperature rose every day until it was almost too much for me to bear. I struggle in the heat and become quite grumpy, especially as tiredness begins to affect me. So, despite the fact that it's always amazing to see family and that we love the place so much, it was nice to step onto the plane in 33° heat and get off two hours later in a much more accommodating 18°. No matter how much I love a place or a holiday, I also can't help looking forward to my own bed either, so it was also great that night to slip between the sheets here at home once more. Since then there's been lots of lovely rain to keep the temperature down and welcome me home. Some people are never satisfied are they???

Here are some more photos from holiday.

On a Woodland walk.

Cut branches.

Kids day out.

Dog training

What Makes You Think This Is Your Chair?.

Best Side Please?

See you later.

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Nicky said...

Welcome home to you both! Glad it was a great trip - also glad that G's uncle is in a better place now than earlier this year. Thanks for sharing the latest pics - love the variety! Always nice to have photographic memories.....

DB Stewart said...

I'm visiting my Grandma today. She's so frail now. Sad.

Rebecca S. said...

Welcome back to the land of moisture...which is exactly what we have here. I do not complain about it (much) as the eastern part of our country is boiling hot and humid...and like you I wilt in the heat. Enjoy home!

Alistair said...

Nicky - Thanks. Like I said in one post - it's hard not to take a decent photo over there. It's just so bloomin gorgeous!

dbs, Make sure to get all those stories and family connections fixed in your mind while you can so you can continue to share the love and the family history. It's a sad situation if you suddenly realise what you've missed once its gone.

Rebecca, I do like a day or two of gentle rain and I certainly like cooler temperatures, especially at night. The rain {often with a thunder and lightning storm} in Switzerland can be spectacular and this year, like many places, they have been experiencing some odd weather. While we were there cousin Ruedi's village - about 5 miles away - had a hailstorm that made the place look like it was covered in snow for an hour until it melted. In the south one poor man was killed by a huge hailstorm when he was caught out in the open as the hailstones were like rocks.

It's a weird world sometimes.

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