Friday, 1 July 2011


Klosterli - G's Aunt and Uncle's house.

Hullo ma wee blog,

Well, how's about this for a caper. International blogging that is. International because currently I'm sitting in the lounge of my Lovely G's Aunt and Uncle in Switzerland tapping out a little post to say that I may be absent for a few days or even I may not. depending on how the mood takes me.

We've come over for a couple of weeks, to see family and recharge batteries, take in a few sights and spend some time in the sun. We're staying in a small village near Schaffhausen and the Rhinefall in the very north of the country. It's nice to walk through the village and have people passing say 'Gruetzi' {Hello} to you. Almost everyone, young and old, will say this as they pass. It's a very nice and quaint custom which is still strong here. Much nicer than just passing you by. {I can't help remembering the scene in 'Crocodile Dundee' where he says 'G'day' to everyone he's passing in New York though}

Rhinefalls - picture Wikipedia

See you later.


Nicky said...

Oh I'm so jealous!! Have a fantastic holiday Alistair - hope it's a wonderful break.

Alistair said...

Thanks Nicky - top prize for speed on this one!

Dad said...

Just stopped by to say Gruetzi Al'.

Switzerland sounds just the place to recharge batteries, although personally, I'd ignore the internet 'till I got back home. Coming from London, ANY place where strangers greet you in the street as they pass deserves my full attention.

Back soon.

Alistair said...

Hullo Dad - Thanks for dropping by - and I agree about how good it is to be acknowledged. It's something common here in a small village like this where it's obvious you are a stranger, so people just say 'hello'.

It's like stepping back in time.

TwistedScottishBastard said...

Have a nice break Alistair.
In our community around our school, it's common for many people to acknowledge your presence by either a G'day or a lift of the eyebrows and a jut of the chin. (I don't really know if this last one is a Maori thing or a general Kiwi thing, but it works)

Alistair said...

Aye - the raised eyebrow or jut of the chin is kind of universal acknowledgement for someone you recognise. I see it a lot at home. This verbal acknowledgement is quite endearing somehow.

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