Monday, 4 July 2011

Randenturm, Rhinefall and a really nice BBQ

          A Flower-head in the house trough.
              {Also great for weary feet!}

Hullo ma wee blog,

Yesterday was hot.

We didn't want to go far as a result, but also because we had been invited by one of the Lovely G's cousins to their family house in a nearby village for a BBQ in the late afternoon. We've been to a few of Ruedi's BBQ's before and he is a bit of a 'Grillmeister', so not only was I looking forward to it but I definitely didn't want to be having a big lunch beforehand.

Looking down on the village from The Randenturm.
G's Aunt and Uncle's house is the shiny roof

In the end we decided we would go to the Rhinefall, which is only about 3km away. We took the bus to Neuhausen just beside the Rhinefall as we were both suffering from the effects of a walk to the Beringen Randenturm {Watchtower} which is in the forest above the village. Again, as it had been boiling hot, we'd slightly overdone it and were both suffering from 'quibbly legs' by the time we'd returned the day before.

Here's a few shots from the last two days;

The Rhinefalls.

How many tourists can you fit on a set of stairs.

The best - and coolest - place

No matter how much water there is around
it's nice to find some more!

Can I go for a swim?

Evening garden.

see you later.

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Antares Cryptos said...

Switzerland is beautiful and inspiring your photography. Like the pics.

Nicky said...

An adorable commentary and accompanying images, Alistair! I'm becoming increasingly jealous of your European trip, hehe! We've had a beautiful Independence Day here in Boston, but there's nothing quite like Europe! Hope you're having some nice Swiss chocolate too.

Morning's Minion said...

Beautiful scenery. I think [I know] I'd have wobbles if I tried to hike much of an ascent.

dbs said...

"Quibbly legs." Love that phrase.

Alistair said...

AC - Thanks. It's hard not to take a half decent photo in a place like this though...

Glad you had a nice holiday weekend too. G's oldest brother has his birthday on independance day and now has a holiday in the US then to celebrate.

MM - I couldn't believe how many times I had to stop on the way up. The humidity just sapped the strength from our legs. The nice thing about switzerland is that almost everywhere you walk you're likely to find a cafe/restaurant where you can have a cold drink. It was much appreciated that day I can tell you!

dbs - That's one of Ursula's - The Lovely G's mother's {from a few posts back} phrases. It kind of hits the spot - you can't mistake what it means can you.........

Anonymous said...

Found your Blog finally...
Very interessting to read for us! And you are an excelent Photographer!
Our garden is now allmost destroyed after a heavy storm with hail (didnt we speak aboth hail on this evening?)
Greetings from the "Grillmeister ;-)" and lovely Y

Alistair said...

Hallo Grillmeister {and the lovely Y),

thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Great to hear from you. Sorry to hear the garden has been in a hailstorm and is no longer looking its best.

Talk soon.

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