Edinburgh Festival 2012 photos

From day two around the festival.

See you later.

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dbs said…
Someday, I hope.
AAgghh, it just gets worse. Blokes wrapped in barbed wire, guys roaming the streats in blood-stained robes, badly made up clwns in bowler hats.

Are you sure you didn;t take picture from the Scottish Parliamnet instead?

That guy in the bowler is a dead ringer for Salmond.
Alistair said…
Always room Chez Al dbs.....

Ach ya auld curmudgeon TSB. There were some good sets done as advertising for the bigger show too but I get what you mean about all those middle-England middle class yoof's who have brought Mummy's range-rover with them as they rough it in a decent hotel for the two weeks of their dreadful and pretentious show.
Eolist Petite said…
interesting photos... i have a special fondness for the man in what appears to be a bird cage.

would love to know what his thoughts behind it were/are.
Alistair said…
Ah now - he was playing John Merrick, the Elephant Man, from the movie with John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins. I think the frame was an allusion around the normal human being trapped inside the shell - or something like that......
Rebecca S. said…
Fabulous photos! They give me a very good sense of what goes on at that festival of yours (my nephew is loving it, by the way).
Just catching up with you today, and see that I am listed under your 'Fabby Blogs.' Thrilled!
Alistair said…
THank you Rebecca!

Nice to hear he's enjoying himself here at the festival too.

{And why wouldn't you be listed?}

Hope you ha d a good holiday.
Indigo Roth said…
Hey Alistair! Wowsers, weirdness. But looks like fun! Indigo
Alistair said…
Aye Indigo - that about covers it perfectly!

Wait a minute..... I thought you were off on holiday. What are you doing wasting time like this? Get away out and enjoy yourself!

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