Scientifically - a musing

As I drive along behind a top of the range mercedes, I watch the driver throw rubbish out of his window for the third time in ten minutes and muse that according to science, the world is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. 

Silently, I add morons to that list.......

........and wish out loud for Bond-style machine guns mounted in the front of the car..........

see you later.

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I've always preferred heat seaking missiles myself.
Alistair said…
I'd prefer to prolong the enjoyment slightly........
Rebecca S. said…
Wonderful...especially since we recently returned from a long road trip and then a shorter one...both with morons sprinkled generously on the roads.
Alistair said…
Why are morons sprinkled on the roads and never splattered eh? lol

Seems like morons no no boundaries!


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