Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Sunday Posts 2012/ As soon as Fred

Dedicated to blogger pal Eolist Petite and her grandson with thanks for the perfect photo.

As soon as Fred gets out of bed,
his underwear goes on his head.
His mother laughs, "Don't put it there,
a head's no place for underwear!"
But near his ears, above his brains,
is where Fred's underwear remains.

At night when Fred goes back to bed,
he deftly plucks it off his head.
His mother switches off the light
and softly croons, "Good night! Good night!"
And then, for reasons no one knows,
Fred's underwear goes on his toes.

Jack Prelutsky
Photo by Eolist Petite


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Love the picture and the poem.

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Alistair!

Again, more than a hint of Milligan about this one.

And, erm, *cough* It's Eolist! *cough* Attack of the mutant spell checker?


Alistair said...

Phew! Thanks matey. Fixed now. Hope she never saw it. {cringe}

Rebecca S. said...

Great poem, great pic. So that's why you wanted it! Thanks for the smiles this morning!

DB Stewart said...

Some kids just have those faces hard not to look at!

Indigo Roth said...

No, it still says ELOIST! It's EOLIST! Get to it, man!

Alistair said...

Aw man - Jings a michty whit am a like!!!


{slinks off}

Rebecca S. said...

Hi Al, I had trouble leaving a comment on your lovely 'autopilot' post today, so I will leave a little comment here instead. I really enjoyed the post - felt I was riding right along with you. It was interesting, as you battle the challenges at work and work out the kinks on your drive home, that you pass sights of history and of previous battle... We all do things on autopilot - especially driving, but I'm sure that if a badger did pop in front of you, your good driver instincts would kick into gear. Our brains can only do so much at a time. Yes, sometimes classical music is the only music :) Cheers!

Alistair said...

Thanks Rebecca - wonder why the problem. Have had another comment on it so whatever it was might be fixed by now.

Thanks for your company on my ride.... said...

A delightful pairing! Eolist's grandson illustrates Jack Prelutsky's poem perfectly!

Alistair said...

I absolutely agree Paula. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. See you again hopefully.

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