Thursday, 27 August 2009

"And are there two G's in 'Bugger Off'! "

Well thank you very much, RAF flyboys.

The tranquility of the garden, a perfect cup of tea and a great roll and sausage is spoiled, and almost dropped, by you pair of numpty school bairns coming from absolutely nowhere, screaming over the garden at about 200ft going full pelt in your bloomin jets with afterburners glowin'.
I nearly had a heart attack, Bailey has done a runner and Jess is up the apple tree completely terrified and tangled in her harness, claws dug deeply into the bark and any chance of gettin her calmed down in the next half hour is some work away . My roll - Aw man, if only you knew how much patience had gone into that, and how much expectation - is cold now and I can still hear you in the distance circling round for another low level pass.
Bugger off up tae the Highlands where all you will scare are some tourists, a few sheep and some deer.................JESUS!

How much do you get to the gallon with one of them things anyway.

listening to - you pair in the distance creating mayhem for some other poor sod nae doot.

There are people who work night shift you know!!!!

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The Clever Pup said...

We are about to have our yearly "Air Show" here in Toronto. Because we are near the lake we are subjected to a bombardment of the above planes just for fun.

It's always fun until one of them dives into Lake Ontario. A Lancaster did so with 7 men aboard about a decade ago.

Anyway I feel like ducking for cover whereas my streetmates seems to walk around as if they hear and see nothing. Lack of interest, fear - I don't know.

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