Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Unholy bin bag of Lothian

Blessed be the most unholy and mighty bin bag of Lothian Council for you are the sanctuary of things unclean.

You provide a resting place for that which is ripe or rank.

You rain strength and security down upon us and bear without rancour the weightiest of our problems.

You carry and lighten our loads and deliver us unto cleanliness and perspicacity.

You are thrice blessed.

You bless those who manufacture and purchase, and those who use and honour thy strength

You never fail to support us in our time of need or remove from sight that which doth offend us.

May your mighty double strength walls and tie handles never tear or pour forth offense for you are the great and the good unholy bin bag of Lothian Council.

A curse on makers of economy bin bags! I hope you have to use them yourselves forever.


Kate said...

Okeydoke Alistair, Ya got me ! Thanks for calling at my gaff too... Look forward to a fellow Scot's blethers - Cheers from a Weegie!

Alistair said...

Hi Kate,
Hello and welcome to ma wee blog. and thanks for being the very first. You make me feel kinda special.

Sorry for the delay in replying but been busy with job hunting, festival and visitors over the last wee while.

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