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A quick update

Chilled out Jess

Hullo there ma wee blog,
Dont mean to have been ignoring you but have been busy with oor guests and all.
Lemme see what have we been up to
Our visitors arrived thurs and we had a night at home with the weary travellers. Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner - almost anyone { me included } can make a spag bol without thinking too hard about it.
Friday was the Lady Boys of Bangkok - see previous post for the gen on that one!
Sat I took my sister in law to see Michel Blanc at the Book festival - fantastic, very entertaining, enthusiastic and passionate about everything he spoke about. Then we met up with the lovely G, Leen and our Dutch visitors for a meal of Tapas and a few drinks.Sun was a nice walk with our friends down the road to Cove, then airport and after on to the cinema at Filmhouse to see Laughter In Paradise - another of the Alastair Sim season - see the "Giggling in the dark" post.

Today I had a couple of emergency hearings for the childrens panel to prepare and…

Lipstick on my collar...............

                                                    Photo - Jeff. J. Mtchell/Getty images

Hullo there ma wee blog,
Tonight we took our Dutch friends to see a show at the Edinburgh Festival. All arranged by the lovely G. A nice meal in a hotel nearby beforehand and then a liesurely stroll down to The Meadows to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok.Aye the lady BOYS of Bangkok.

"Ah well", says I "all part of life's rich tapestry".Actually what I thought was they wouldn't fool me for a second and that I would be sitting there wordly wise "told you so!" while all around agreed that they were definitely blokes in frocks. and it was all a bit cringe worthy.

Hold my hand up to that one.

What actually happened.

Lights down and opening music please.............Ah,
But, I,
But they,
But its not,
Oh my GOD,
Cant be,
Aw Naw,Michty!
Crivens jings and help ma boab!
But she's,
I mean but he's,
They've got,

"And are there two G's in 'Bugger Off'! "

Well thank you very much, RAF flyboys.

The tranquility of the garden, a perfect cup of tea and a great roll and sausage is spoiled, and almost dropped, by you pair of numpty school bairns coming from absolutely nowhere, screaming over the garden at about 200ft going full pelt in your bloomin jets with afterburners glowin'.I nearly had a heart attack, Bailey has done a runner and Jess is up the apple tree completely terrified and tangled in her harness, claws dug deeply into the bark and any chance of gettin her calmed down in the next half hour is some work away . My roll - Aw man, if only you knew how much patience had gone into that, and how much expectation - is cold now and I can still hear you in the distance circling round for another low level pass. Swines!Bugger off up tae the Highlands where all you will scare are some tourists, a few sheep and some deer.................JESUS!

How much do you get to the gallon with one of them things anyway.
listening to - you pair in the di…

The Sacred Art of Sausage

Hullo there ma wee blog.

Good Morning, what an absolute stoater of a day! Clear blue skies and the gentlest of breezes barely stirring the leaves of the apple trees at the back of the house. A complete change from the rainy, grey and windy day that was yesterday.

The lovely G has been chauffeured to the local station and departed in a work wise direction. I made and packed her lunchtime sandwich and a yogurt before we left slightly late which made the journey with its challenges of slow moving lorries and the harvesting farm machinery a mild 10 minute challenge, enough to make sure I was fully awake and not on auto pilot as I can be sometimes. The return journey was more leisurely and gave me time to appreciate what a great morning it is.

The cats have been fed and stroked and have now abandoned me for the garden, Jess harnessed to the anchor of the closest apple tree { see previous posts }. I walked her out barefoot, the cold and slightly damp grass - I wouldn't dignify it by callin…

Listen to them. The children of the night. What music they make.

Hullo ma wee blog.

Aye, its that time o year again when Simon Cowell et al are wheeled back out on to the manipulating, formulaic, money making gravy train that is 'X Factor'.

That also means that the last few sad, pathetic remnants - sorry, CONTESTANTS - of the Big Brother Hoose are also being whittled down, evicted and thrust into the ever decreasing circle of glare which is the spot light of the 'public eye' so they can preen and prance before the electricity meter runs out.

OH. god.....

But dont get me wrong. I find the idea of reality TV very - no, actually not very, but quite - appealing. To have 12 or 15 people in a house together for a period of time and to watch and understand whats happening to them and their relationship with others I could quite enjoy. Celebrities too. And what about celebrities and general public together in da house if you wanna go that way? Ok, all a bit voyeuristic I suppose but even so.

And I really DO approve of the concept of the ta…

Did you hear the one about............

photo - 'sectarian pandas'
A new doctor is being shown around the hospital and is being walked down the ward. As they pass the first bed the patient calls out
" Fair fa your honest sonsie face! ".
The new doctor sees the other is unconcerned and they walk on.

As they pass the next bed, this patient also calls out:
" poor wee coo'erin, timerous beastie! "
Now the doctor is slightly more alarmed, but again, the other is unconcerned and they walk on.

As they pass the next bed, once more the patient calls out
" some hae meat an canny eat and some nae meat that wantit! "
This time the doctor pulls on his colleagues sleeve and says
"I didn't realise this hospital had a psychiatric ward"

the other turns and replies
"Oh. No, we dont. This is The Burns unit"

Aye, awright............sorry.

Scots, and Wry

Hello there ma wee blog.

Just crawled back from the second of two trips to the Edinburgh Book festival this weekend and am having a coffee before heading to bed.

Well, two completely different events.

Last night we went to see Irvine Welsh, author of "Trainspotting" among others. The lovely G came along even though she hasn't read any of his work and so didn't really know what to expect, although she has seen the film. His stuff, if you dont already know, is tough and very uncompromising, set in the hard hitting, violent and aggressive world of drug culture and depravation, inner city life and mindless thuggery. Its written in the rough language of the streets that it comes from so it doesn't pull its punches.

He read from a collection of short stories called "Reheated Cabbage". The name he explained came from translating an Italian expression which describes someone repeating the same mistakes in life over and over. Its a collection of stories which were m…

In a manner of speaking

I'm a Scot and like many of my kind, fiercely proud of that.

Being brought up where I was, when I was, and especially by whom I was, I have always had a keen sense of who I am based on family, family values and heritage. Its a fact that most of us share regardless of where we live in the world and part of that unique and diverse cultural identity that makes us,, no matter if that is German, Italian, French, French Canadian, Catalan, SchweizerDeutch or Occitan.

One of the most important aspects of that heritage was the language I was brought up with, which is deeply rooted in rural Ayrshire and its past. My father was a great natural speaker of Lallans - Lowland Scots - which unlike the Gaelic, is rooted in English but IS different and IS still the everyday speech of the ordinary man in the street.

Like any mother tongue, any living language, it constantly changes and evolves with new words, and developing dual or even new applications for words or phrases. This chang…

Family, festivals and finding a job.

Hullo there ma wee blog.
Not posted for a while as the lovely G and I have been busy with the usual mundane daily rituals of work - her not me - and home - definitely me - and the festival. Edinburgh Festival is in full swing and the whole city is stuffed with tourists - see previous entry - and of course I am partaking of the opportunity to get a wee bit o' culture myself in between job hunting and stuff. I love Edinburgh at this time of year. Its absolutely at its best, even with all the upheaval of the new tram works which have left half the city roads closed off and dug up, making driving and parking even more impossible than normal. I always feel that during the festival there is an excitement in town I find hard to resist. Being a bit of a bookworm I love the Book Festival - Edinburgh Festival is actually 10 different festivals running at the same time { so I found out from the TV anyway } Edinburgh International Festival, The Fringe, The comedy Festival and The Book festival…

Giggling in the dark................

photo - Alastair Sim, actor.

This afternoon I picked up the lovely G from work when she finished at 3pm.

We headed off across Edinburgh on a bright but blustery afternoon and parked the car at Kings Stables Road car park. We talked about whether we { or I} should take the big umbrella out of the back of the car as there were a few dark clouds about, but decided to leave it as if it should rain we would just dive into a coffee shop or a pub till it blew over. Anyway it was blowing a gale!

From there it was just a short walk up St Johns Terrace by the side of the castle to the top of the Royal Mile where we stopped at The Hub for a drink and to watch the tourists go hurtling past, battered by the wind, high percentages of them wrapped in those see through blue tinted plastic waterproof wrappers that seem to be made out of economy bin bags, as others, with varying degrees of success, struggled with umbrellas against the strong wind. There were a number of great photo opportunities but sadly…

The Unholy bin bag of Lothian

Blessed be the most unholy and mighty bin bag of Lothian Council for you are the sanctuary of things unclean.

You provide a resting place for that which is ripe or rank.

You rain strength and security down upon us and bear without rancour the weightiest of our problems.

You carry and lighten our loads and deliver us unto cleanliness and perspicacity.

You are thrice blessed.

You bless those who manufacture and purchase, and those who use and honour thy strength

You never fail to support us in our time of need or remove from sight that which doth offend us.

May your mighty double strength walls and tie handles never tear or pour forth offense for you are the great and the good unholy bin bag of Lothian Council.

A curse on makers of economy bin bags! I hope you have to use them yourselves forever.

The start of another week

'Towards Torness'

Hullo there ma wee blog.

Well all went well with the first of August celebrations on Saturday evening. The lovely G planned the evening out and her two brothers and wife and girlfriend { what is the simple pc way to say that?} came with Leen and K staying over and T+T heading back home to see to their kids, who at 18 and 16 must have had their plans for a parent free Saturday night spoiled in all probability. Its one of the few pleasures left for parents I imagine. We had the table decked out with Swiss tablecloth, napkins, placemats and even had some traditional paper lantern 'lampiones' with real candles swaying outside the patio doors - even if it was too windy to go the whole hog and light them. We even downloaded some Swiss music { definitely no yodelling or alphorns thanks very much}. All very twee but a good laugh as its not taken too seriously........

We had Raclette using the rarely displayed Raclette set brought all the way from- UM - Edinburgh…