Late night Listening.......

Some music, writing a blog for tomorrow - and a single malt.

Time for bed.

See you later.


Bovey Belle said…
Love Runrig : ) Alanis Morissette - WOW!!!
Alistair said…
Glad you enjoyed them BB.

Cheers Chic!

Hullo TSB - that night it was a wee Bunnahabhain. I don't go for the Island {iodiney} malts too often {have had a bottle of Laphroig for years and it's just too much for me} but I enjoy a wee drop now and again - as opposed to now and again and again and.......

I'd finished my Springbank which I'd really enjoyed. My all time favourite would have to be a Talisker {and there's me talking about things being too much. Really enjoy a Highland Park too.
Alistair, all I can say is that you've got very good taste. *sob* *envy*

Alistair said…
You're not talking about the music are you?

In all truthfullness, no.

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