Man Flu

My eyes water. My nose runs and my head pounds as I go through fits of sneezing and all the while my cold marches to the beat of my heart loud in my ears. In the distance the mournful peel of a  handbell and a sing-song chant.

"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"

Man flu........

See you later.

Listening to:


You puir wee soul.

Keep warm and drink plenty of whisky.

Always loved the song of Annie's.
Kat_RN said…
Oh dear, sounds like it is time dor a hot toddy, or two, hope you feel better soon.
Alistair said…
Cheers guys. Unfortunately the hot toddy route won't be available today as I'm at work.....sob.
Eolist Petite said…
*sprinkles feel better dust*
(with rubber gloves and mask)

feel better man. x
Alistair said…
Merci buckets EP! :-0
Indigo Roth said…
Big girl's blouse! Stop sniffling and get your wife a cup of tea!
Rebecca S. said…
Ugh. Poor sad soul. Get better soon!
Python reference appreciated :)
Love Annie! But you knew that already.
Alistair said…
Indigo - Thanks for the sympathy chum!

Rebecca - getting better.....
What do you mean "I'm at work."?

If it was real Man Flu, you wouldn't be able to walk, let alone drive.

You've obviously got Man Sniffle.
Alistair said…
real men work through TSB.......
Joshua said…
At least my illness stopped at sinus infection; just enough to keep me miserable for a week. I hope you're starting to feel better. The way I see it you can follow Indigo's plan and take two pizzas, or Eolist and drink coffee. Personally, I'd go with pizza.
Alistair said…
I'd love to Joshua - unfortunately I'm type 2 diabetic and my wife polices me firmly when it comes to pizza - and beer, wine, chips{fries to you I bet} and pretty much all the good stuff.

Not all bad though. I am losing weight!

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. See you on FB!

Paula Wooters said…
Man Flu... a perfect description. (When my ex used to get sick the world came to a standstill... for days on end.) Condolences on being saddled with such an illness. I hope by now you've made a full recovery! Cyber hugs to you... since cyber hugs don't spread germs.
Cheers Paula. Almost better - kust a horrendously blocked nose still/

Your hug has been gratefully received......

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