Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Sunday Posts 2012/the life that I have

The Life That I Have

The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause
For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours.

Leo Marks.
Photo by Alistair. 


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

What a ponce!

No offense to you Alistair.

Alistair said...

None taken TSB. I expected something like that response.

Maybe next one eh?

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...


I do respect your ability to never give up in the face of absolute philistinism.

Alistair said...

Philistine? Being a bit harsh on yourself there TSB......

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Alistair! Well, I'm kinda lowbrow, but I liked it. Indigo

Alistair said...

:-0 said...

Love the photo... complements the poem perfectly.

Alistair said...

Thanks Paula. I like it too.

It was one of those forunate mistakes really. I was trying to take a shot of the swan using the people's legs as a frame for the shot but stupidly used autofocus on the camera and it focussed on the people leaving the swan blurred. I think it's a better photo this way rather than what was originally intended.

Owen said...

A good long sleep in the long green grass... what more could one wish for ?

Just wanted to drop by and say, "thanks for your visits"... always greatly appreciated, your perceptive words and discerning eye.

Alistair said...

Too kind Owen. It's always a pleasure visiting Chez vous.

Jane said...

I was just reading this poem the other night in a brilliant collection called 'The Swallow, The Owl and The Sandpiper', which was compiled for The Sandpiper Trust. I love the story of how Marks fought to preserve his anonymity as the poem's author after the release of the film about the French Agent who recited his code-poem before she was shot. Another nice one Al

Alistair said...

Thanks Jane. After a shaky start the comments seem to have come in strong for this one. Glad you enjoyed it. :and have survived the time on your own while your husband has been awaY]

Rebecca S. said...

I do like the repetition of the word 'yours' in this. I think it adds a lot to the poem. Were you thinking of your dad?

Alistair said...

Hey Rebecca,

I wasn't thinking of Paw on this. It's just one I;ve liked for a long time. Glad you enjoyed it.

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