The Sunday Posts 2012/Battle of Britain Day.

Battle of Britain day is the anniversary of the heaviest day of fighting during the desperate fight to keep Nazi Germany at bay and this scene depicts the first 'scramble' experienced by 18 year old newby spitfire pilot Geoffrey Wellum in 1940. It captures the intensity of combat these often inexperienced and barely trained young men faced.

 The excellent film is based on his book 'First Light'. The voice at the end of the scene is Geoffrey's.


coastkid said…
Will be thinking of the them today and what they did in the summer of 1940 when at Leuchars Airshow today when the Battle of Britain Spitfire and Hurricane fly over in tribute...

Geoffrey Wellum`s book first light is a must read for anyone interested in the BoB,

Get a pint with you soon Al...
I think we often forget the fear and desperation felt by these young blokes.

I'll have a drink for them today.
Indigo Roth said…
Terrifying times Alisatir, especially for the kids thrust into it. Thanks for the reminder. Indigo
Anonymous said…
It's good to remember. Fabulous film for getting you to realise what they went through.TLG

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