The Power of Marketing

I was struck by the cheek of the marketing industry today while in the shower. I saw their shameless attempt to double the profits of the shampoo maker displayed on the bottle instructing idiots how to use the product: at the end of the instructions on how to shampoo your hair was.......


Aye - that'll be right!

See you later.

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I used to follow those instructions to the letter.

Maybe that's why I've almost no hair left?

Bastards...I should sue.
Alistair said…
No I doubt its got anything to do with it - but you have been using and paying for twice the shampoo you need.

As a Scotsman that's got to hurt.
Rebecca S. said…
Ha ha! I use half the dishwasher liquid recommended by the manufacturer, just to get back at them and their 'instructions!' My dishes come out plenty clean, thank you very much, Cascade.
Love the chippy sign :)
Alistair said…
Cheers Rebecca,

Nice to know I'm not the only one!
Yes, I did pick up on that Alistair *that sounds tetchy even to me, sorry* but what if you had VERY greasy hair?
Alistair said…
I'd be using a shampoo specially for it - and using it once - or complaining and getting my money back before moving on to another brand.

I'm a right tight git me.....
Kat_RN said…
I've been on to that one for a long time. Cheeky is right.
Your photo made me laugh. Have a great weekend,
Alistair said…
Thanks Kat. You have a good one too.

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