Never Say Never Alistair.

Confession time.....

I've ranted against it. I've been scornful and sarcastic about it. I've belittled it's usefulness and rejected potential benefits but finally I've succumbed and joined the masses.

Some younger family members seem only capable of communicating this way.

I'm not proud of myself.

I'm now on face-pest.

It's not a duplication of the blog, although some posts might also appear there too. It's a personal page - just me,.family, some friends and a few friends of friends. It's relaxed, comfy and a bit less pc than here. I've even got my photo on there.  It's not a public site. That I'm not ready for.

If you're on facebook and would like to drop me a request please feel free.

See you later.

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Paula Wooters said…
Yep... sooner or later, you just have to do it. Glad I'm catching up with you both places now.
Alistair said…
Like you say Paula, it had to be done though to be truthful it was done with gritted teeth and a tear in the eye.

I do hate to be proved wrong.....
I still haven't joined up with the mindless masses. Shame on you big Al.

May your "friends" multiply.
Alistair said…
mea culpa n that......

Can't believe I cracked.
I hadn't intended to become an FB user, but, like you, I gave in. It has had some advantages.
I'm using it to share photos with a few friends, trying not to let it drain time from worthier activites. The private 'message' feature works for contact with those family members who don't like e-mail or blogging.
Nice to see the photo of you and your "lovely G"--faces to go with your words here.
Alistair said…
Thanks MM. Similar reasons for me too mainly, especially keeping uo with the younger family members or more far flung relatives.

It will have its uses. I hope I don't get too sucked in with other things although I have at the moment with the novelty.

Rebecca S. said…
Yes, the ol' FB has its I dare invite you into my private world? Private...ha. that's a joke there.
Alistair said…
Invite me. INVITE ME! ha....

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