Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Sunday Posts 2012/dreams of chickens

For My Lovely G.

Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens

Last night I dreamed of chickens,
there were chickens everywhere,
they were standing on my stomach,
they were nesting in my hair,
they were pecking at my pillow,
they were hopping on my head,
they were ruffling up their feathers
as they raced about my bed.

They were on the chairs and tables,
they were on the chandeliers,
they were roosting in the corners,
they were clucking in my ears,
there were chickens, chickens, chickens
for as far as I could see...
when I woke today, I noticed
there were eggs on top of me.

Jack Prelutsky
Photo by Alistair


Indigo Roth said...

Morning, dude! Substitute 'badgers' for 'chickens' an we're speaking the same language.

Alistair said...

Morning - Well you learn something new every day......

Badgers.....lay eggs???


Glad you liked it Indigo. said...

I've had mornings like that... especially when I'm taking care of my friend's chickens while she's on vacation. said...

Badgers must lay eggs... since Indigo insists they don't have sex mammal-like.

Alistair said...

Paula - Hello there!

Thanks for the comment. The first of some or many or whatever. That's entirely up to you. I'll be grateful no matter.

Yes - we do enjoy our chicken sitting. Forgot to put them to bed on time a few nights too. Luckily they're the forgiving sorts bless them. Plentiful supply of eggs too!

As for Mr R - he might be a bit confused...... I believe he's at that funny age. In fact I believe he's been there most of his life!


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