Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Hullo ma wee blog,

Isn't it strange how I used to get really annoyed with those people who would stop you on a busy street and thrust unwanted leaflets for trendy clubs, bars and restaurants into your hands.

Shopping in Edinburgh today, we passed three of these touts and they looked at me and clearly decided that I wasn't trendy enough to meet their customer profile and would no doubt lower the tone of their establishments and so deliberately turned away looking for more attractive or affluent targets, handing their leaflets to anorexic looking guys and young girls fashionably bearing their midriff in todays -4C wind.

I should be relieved.

So why did I feel grumpy..........

See you later.

Listening to Snow Patrol 'Run'


MrsL said...

Where can I buy the sign? I need one of thsoe LOL



Alistair said...

As a matter of solidarity with your curmudgeonly other......Ahm no tellin'.....

Thanks for stoppin' bye!


Morning's Minion said...

I read this when first posted and have been mulling. My grumble isn't the same in content, but I think expresses the same spirit.
For decades I looked younger than my age, perhaps because I've always been of a less than impressive height and slender as well. When I was in my 20's and towing two children about by the hands, I was affronted when occaisionally someone took me to be a "teen-aged mother." By my late 30's and sailing into 40, it was flattering that no one could pinpoint my real age. I had gotten used to this state of affairs when I hit my late 50's and had to realize that though fairly well preserved there was no doubt I was approaching senior citizenship. In the US, after a certain age, we are accorded "discounts"--a percentage off on a meal or one day per week when the local variety store gives 20% off. That's when you see the oldsters toddle in with their canes to falter their way through the check-out lines.
I don't walk with a cane, but I haven't bothered to color my long grey hair or have cosmetic procedures to remove wrinkles and such. So, while I've sometimes had to remind a "checker" that I'm entitled to the discount, I've caught myself being a tiny bit insulted recently when one of them replies, "Yes, I know--I've already calculated that!" I may sometimes fool myself about being a "Senior Citizen", but I no longer have to produce my driver's license to prove my age. How disconcerting--how unfair!

Alistair said...

Ah, that rings with me. I have always looked younger than my years too - always a problem when trying to have a drink in a bar in the early days all of my younger under age friends would be served with no questions and I, ofet the only legal one among us, would be asked for ID.

Even in my late forties not a grey hair - although this year has definitely changed that - and my age disbelieved by some of the folk I worked with that I had to produce my passport before they believed how old I was!

Its a nice way to be though don't you think, but I also see that I will have to have my radar plugged for that slight too.....



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